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A Letter to the Cats Will Play Community

A Letter from Cats Will Play...

To my Fabulous Fellow Feline Enthusiasts,

This is the last post of 2020, and I'm going to do something a little different... write a letter to you!

To begin, I want to say thank you. Thank you for coming here, for interacting with all of us at Cats Will Play, and – most of all – for being your delightful, crazy, cat-obsessed selves. It is a daily source of wonder and joy for me simply knowing that you are out there, and it is a point of genuine gratitude that you have chosen to spend your time on my website.

2020 has proven itself to have been an unkind year – from disease to natural disasters, economic crises to inexplicable personal hardships – and it has spared none of us. My hope for you is that through all of this, you, your loved ones, and your furry friends have come together – at a responsible distance, of course – and found comfort in each other.

Throughout the year, my goal for this website has been to spread useful information, share some neat recommendations, and offer up a bit of fun. In light of that, I want to finish up this letter with something we can all use heading into 2021...

How Cats Bring You Luck

There are a lot of myths that surround our fuzzy little buddies – some of them bad, most of them good – and one enduring theme in these myths is that cats are lucky. Of course, I use the word “myth,” but we all know that simply keeping company with one is lucky enough.

However, many cultures believe their fortune-giving powers extend beyond simply being good company. For example, in Russia, letting a cat into a new home is said to bring luck to the family moving in. In parts of Italy, if a cat sneezes in front of a bride, she will have a happy marriage; however, if it sneezes once or twice in front of anyone, it means money is coming. And, of course, in Japan, there is the Maneki Neko, which is believed to bring different types of luck, depending on its color and which paw is raised.


As you can see, our kitty friends can bring us a whole lot of luck... just by being their own wonderful selves! With all of that said, I'd like to finish up by saying this to you: hold your cat close, and have a wonderful – and much, much improved – 2021!


To a Lucky 2021 for Us All!

Images by:
engin akyurt via Unsplash under Unsplash License
The Lucky Neko via Unsplash under Unsplash License
Charles Deluvio via Unsplash under Unsplash License

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