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As you may know, Cats Will Play is a huge supporter of cat rescues – animal rescues of all sorts, actually – and we are also big lovers of the GreaterGood website. Because of that – and in celebration of Valentine's Day – we're taking a moment to share a special program they have going.

Many shelter pets are sorely lacking in the everyday comforts that our housebound furry friends get – things like warm beds and blankets, toys, and treats. Shelters, which are often run a shoestring budget, simply do not have the means to provide these special extras to their wards. In order to help these important organizations make their critters' stays just a little more comfortable, GreaterGood is asking for donations that go toward providing these items to shelters in need.

For a small donation of $12, you'll be giving a shelter animal a comfy-mumfy blanket for staying warm and cozy.

For $29, you'll be giving a pet a blanket, as well as a fun toy and bag of treats.

Finally, for $50, you'll be giving everything listed above, plus a leash or collar.

Importantly, no matter your donation amount, you will also be funding 35 meals for shelter pets.

These donations can be made as a one-time deal, or you can opt to donate on a monthly basis. If, on the other hand, you do not have the means to offer financial support, you can instead donate a few moments of your time. By watching the video and answering a quick, easy question, you will still be donating – and, in fact, donating twice the amount you would with a normal “click-to-donate” click. All marvelous options!

If all of this sounds good, head here: GreaterGood Fur Baby Valentine

Thank you for reading and considering. Have a marvelous Valentine's Day with your own furry, delightful, marvelous critters!

Image by ArtJane via Pixabay under Pixabay License

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