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I... am a crazy cat lady. There. I said it. But it wasn't always that way. It all started with a handsome orange and white gentleman that was adopted from the Humane Society. I only went to look, but couldn't resist that smoodgy little face. He really is the best! That being said, I swore I'd never have another cat.

Well... about two years ago, a friend of mine - an even bigger cat lady than myself... in fact, I dare say, the biggest cat lady of them all - discovered a pair of very young kittens hidden away in a particularly unsafe area. Scooping them up, this friend asked if I'd look after them until they were old enough to find a permanent home. That home turned out to be mine. No only did I become way too attached to send them away, so did my big guy cat. In fact, he and that little gray fellow...

...well, separating them seems pretty unlikely.

So here I am. A crazy cat lady. Needless to say, because of my household, cat toys have become something I've taken a particular interest in, and I hope I can share that same fascination with you and your kitties!


Our Story

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