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Kitty on the Go: Cat Backpacks Review

Kitty on the Go Cat Backpacks Review

In the past, pet carriers were bulky, uncomfortable plastic affairs. In more recent times, however, cat backpacks have been coming to the forefront, and understandably so. The backpack design makes transporting your pet infinitely easier, and provides a lot more comfort - for both the wearer and the pet. Furthermore, the designs of many bags ensure that your kitty doesn't feel overwhelmed, by creating a cushier enclosure-style setting, while also allowing him to see out. There are several options available, many of them fairly similar in design and structure, so today, we will be looking over some of the specifications, benefits, and pros and cons, so that you can make the right decision for you and your cat.

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PetAmi Premium Pet Carrier Backpack

This PetAmi Pet Carrier is a rugged, durable bag that, aesthetically, looks the most like a standard backpack. It is made to be used as an outdoor and travel bag, and is constructed with a 600D high grade polyester. It also has a good deal of meshy ventilation at the top and along the bottom. There is Sherpa lined bedding for the inside compartment, which helps to make the whole device more cozy for your kitty. For your own comfort, this backpack comes with all the usual straps, as well as chest and waist buckles to provide extra support and take some of the weight off of your shoulders. And if these straps aren't enough, there is an additional internal safety strap to keep kitty in place.

This carrier measures 11.5"x9"x16", and can support a good deal of weight. It comes in a variety of colors - several blues, grays, red, and pink - and also contains a nice little bonus pop up water bowl.

  • Comfortable straps
  • Comes with some convenient features like side pockets and collapsible pet bowl
  • Not machine washable
  • Although it can support a good deal of weight, it will run kind of small if your cat doesn't meet the dimensions

All-in-all this bag, with its simple design and durable material, is a wonderful option for outdoors use. Many people claim to use it while hiking, walking, and biking, which is great if your cat is every bit as outdoorsy as you are. The construction is decent; however, it's important to keep in mind that this backpack doesn't come with any sort of structural support, like a frame or solid bottom, which may or may not be a problem, depending on how you use it.

Giantex Astronaut Space Capsule Pet Backpack

Adorable and practical, the Giantex Astronaut backpack is a very stylish option for transporting your cat. It is made up of sturdy, scratch-resistant food-grade plastics and Oxford cloth. This bag has a lot of breathability, with nine decently-sized holes in the carrier itself, as well as a few air holes in the transparent "window" cover. The straps are a pretty standard over-the-shoulder affair, as well as a hand strap, and internal safety strap to keep your cat in place.

This bag measures 15.7"x11.8"x8.7" by itself; however, with the transparent cover, which protrudes from the case slightly, the dimensions change to 15.7"x11.8"x11". The weight capacity is around 15 pounds. This bag comes in a few funky colors, including Golden, Light Green, Rose Golden, and Light Blue.

  • Lots of ventilation
  • Clear cover bubble window makes it easy for your kitty to see what's going on around him
  • The accordion-style design may make it tricky to get your cat into the backpack without a struggle
  • Standard shoulder straps, which means there won't be as much support when carrying around a larger kitty

This particular bag is pretty adorable, and overall, it is very functional for your basic cat-carrying needs. Should you need to take your cat to the vet, or simply want to take him for a light jaunt around the neighborhood, this will definitely work well. If you plan on doing anything more vigorous, however, like taking your cat on a jog, this may not be the best fit for you.

Petsfit Pet Carrier Backpack

As far as cat backpacks go, this nifty little bag has to be one of the more comfortable options! Made up of PU and EVA material, this pack is durable but flexible, and because of the EVA component, it's able to keep its shape without bulky padding or uncomfortable wires. Rubberized mesh windows allow for some added airflow, and stand up better under pointy kitty claws. This bag comes with padded shoulder straps, as well as a waist strap for extra security and comfort.

The dimensions for this bag are 16''x13''x13'', and the weight capacity is around 15 pounds. The top bears a breathable mesh with a roll up window, while the mesh on the sides can remain exposed, or can be closed for some extra privacy. A safety strap inside and a convenient side pocket rounds it all out.

  • Folds up easily, making it storable
  • Well constructed with sturdy zippers, hefty seams and strong, environmentally-friendly material
  • Color options are limited
  • Despite the high weight capacity, it could be on the small side for some cats

If comfort is your absolute top priority, this is a marvelous option. With its cushy, breathable material, padding, and flexibility, it would be perfect as either an every day sort of carrier, or more of an on-the-go adventure bag. On the downside, if you want something a little more stylish, this bag may not be ideal.

Texsens Bubble Pet Backpack

A wonderful combination of unique style and well-constructed durability, this bag is great as either an as-needed carrier or more of a daily cat transporter - you know... if you have a kitty with lots of places to be! The Texsens Travel backpack is built out of attractive eco-friendly materialsr, and boasts a scratch and abrasion-proof net. There is also a decent amount of ventilation, with several holes in the port-style window and on the bag itself. Inside the backpack, there is a washable pad and security strap. On the outside, there are padded, adjustable shoulder straps.

The size of this bag is 13.39"x 9.84"x17.32", and carries up to 13 pounds - though, according to the manufacturer, it's really ideal for something closer to 10 pounds. It comes in a few attractive colors, including dark blue, ash black, and coffee brown.

  • A clear window for kitty to peep out from
  • Holds its shape without a bunch of uncomfortable wires or padding
  • Weighing over 4 pounds by itself, the addition of larger kitty could make it a little uncomfortable
  • Bubble window can be tricky to attach

Attractive, durable, and useable, this cat backpack is a great option for everyday use. Although it is perfect for regular walks, trips to the vet, or any other common transportation, if you are involved in more active outdoor pursuits, this one may not be for you, given the lack of pockets and smaller size.

Pawaboo Pet Carrier Backpack

All right... I know you're looking at me like I'm a crazy woman! I know. I get it. This isn't your usual cat backpack. But here's the deal... there are some cats that this little contraption will work really well for. Furthermore, for the more adventurous cat owner, this particular pack may be ideal, as it allows you to carry your kitty while bike riding, camping, hiking, or jogging, all while keeping your hands free. Unlike most other cat backpacks, this particular device will not box your cat in, which may make him more comfortable than traditional carriers. The Pawaboo backpack is made up of polyester fiber, with meshy areas to increase airflow, and spongy padding for the wearer's comfort.

There are several sizes available, so be sure to get some really accurate measurements before you decide to buy. Many cats will fit into the small and medium sizes. The dimensions for the small are: 11"x7.5"x0.5", with a 15" chest size. Leg spacing from left to right is 1.77", front to back legs is 3.93". Small can carry up to 5.5 pounds. For the medium, the dimensions are: 13.25"x9.5"x0.5", with an 18" chest size. Leg spacing from left to right is 2.4", and 5.1" front to back. Medium can carry between 5.5 and 8.8 pounds. Larger sizes are available for bigger breed kitties. There are plenty of colors and patterns available, from basic black, blue, and red, to multi-colored stripes, and green camouflage.

  • An open design that some kitties and their people will feel more comfortable with
  • Ability to use this as either a backpack or front pouch
  • This, frankly, may freak some cats out, so be sure that you feel pretty certain your cat is the out-and-about type
  • Getting your cat into this device might be a little tricky if he's a wriggler

If you're the outdoorsy type and your kitty has no fear of the outside, this might just be a great choice. Lightweight, comfortable, and significantly more interactive than the more traditional picks, this bag makes it easy to get out and get stuff done, all while keeping your feline friend close by. Really close by! If, though, your cat is a little nervous being outside, this backpack could create a bit of a daunting first encounter with nature.


Even if your feline friend is typically housebound, from time to time, he does need to step out - be it for a trip to the vet, or a hike up a nearby mountain. Traditional carriers can be incredibly bulky and uncomfortable, not to mention they aren't exactly practical if you regularly travel with your kitty. Cat backpacks are a great alternative to their stodgy old counterparts, and as you can see, there are plenty of options to suit just about any need.

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  1. Wow nice review! I got one of these a month ago and it’s gotten so much use so far! I bring my kitty everywhere 🙂 I got one with a window and my cat loves sticking her head out of it!

    1. That is fantastic! Was it tricky to get her adjusted to it, or is your kitty a big-time adventure cat?

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