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Family Fun Night: The Top 5 Cat Board Games for Feline-Loving Households

Family Fun Night The Top 5 Cat Board Games for Feline-Loving Households - Cats Will Play - Image by quokkabottles via Unsplash

It may seem old-fashioned to some, but there really is nothing like getting together with your loved ones and playing a game. I mean... the gathering together, the thrill of the competition, the inevitable giggle-fests... all the good stuff, really! If you and said loved ones are also cat-loving folks, then you are in luck. Cat board games abound, and today, we will be looking into five of the most fun, smart, engaging, and all around delightful options on the market!

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CAT-opoly Board Game

When most people think of family board game nights, they automatically think of Monopoly – and why wouldn't they? It is a classic, after all. But if you're looking for all the joy – or... you know... madness – of Monopoly, but also a bit of extra fur, then CAT-opoly might just be your game. Featuring a variety of collectible cats and a number of feline-themed deeds, this game boasts all of the enjoyment of a “property trading” game, but has the extra incentive of being coated in kitty!

ThinkFun Cat Crimes

Logic-style games are an excellent choice if your clever family likes both board games and puzzles. This particular plaything consists of a number of brain-tickling teasers that challenge both spatial and logical reasoning, as well as stimulate your family's lovely minds. All of this learning and fun is delightfully told through the guise of beautifully illustrated – and undeniably naughty – felines. As far as smart cat board games go, you certainly can't beat this!

Cat-Tastic! Board Game

Speaking of smart cat board games, if you're playing with your little ones, this particular game might just be a great idea – particularly if said little ones are cat crazy, but still need to learn the ins-and-outs of feline stewardship. Not only is Cat-Tastic! fun to play and beautiful to look at, it also serves to teach families all the skills required for keeping a kitty. Pretty clever, huh?

The Isle of Cats

If your family's into both cats and adventure, this might be a really great choice. Handsomely designed with a number of bright, colorful scenes, this game is all about the kitties – namely, rescuing them... along with some treasure. In this game, you will explore a stunning island – collecting cats and goodies along the way – and puzzle out how to fit them all into your boat. Like some of the earlier-mentioned cat board games, this snazzy little number is quite clever, and will likely offer you and your kin many hours of entertainment on game nights!

Not all that into board games, but still want a kitty-themed party? Not to worry! There are plenty of really neat alternatives, such as...

Cat Lady Old Maid Card Game

Cat Stax Puzzle Game


Cat board games are pretty much a must-have if you and your family love spending time together, enjoy a good challenge, and can't get enough of your feline friends. Hopefully, with this article, you will have found enough playthings to keep your game nights exciting for years to come!

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