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16 Cat Care Tips for the Feline-Loving Household

16 Cat Care Tips for the Feline-Loving Household - Cats Will Play - Image by Anna Shvets via Pexels under Pexels License

Maybe you're thinking of getting yourself a brand new fuzzy little feline friend; or perhaps you already have a few wandering around your house. Either way, fantastic! But knowing how to keep your kitty healthy and happy can seem like a full time gig. In this instructive little roundup, we have gathered up a handful of useful articles that will touch on some important points when it comes to caring for your cat. Keep this collection of cat care tips in your pocket so you can pull it up any time you need an extra hand!

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Physical Needs

Although cats are pretty good at taking care of themselves, sometimes they need a little bit of assistance. In this section, we look at ways you can aid in looking after your cat's physical well being – from feeding your kitty properly, to helping a mature feline keep his weight in check, and just about everything in-between.

How Play Can Help Extend Your Cat’s Life
Of all of the cat care tips on this list, this one is by far the most important. After all, who doesn't want their furry little friend to live forever?

How to Help an Overweight Cat Lose Weight With Play
Just like us, kitties need to watch their weight. In this article, we discuss how you can get your cat up and moving in a way that will help him shed some extra pounds.

When Cats Spray: Why They Do It and What to Do About It
Spraying can be a real problem for some felines – not to mention their humans – but the reasons are not always so straightforward, nor are the solutions. In this piece, we cover some of the most common whys, and offer advice on how to remedy the issue.

Cat Prey Preferences: What They Are and How They Can Help at Playtime
Getting to know your cat's preferences – in everything from food, to play, to... yes, prey – is absolutely essential. If your kitty tends to get bored quickly, it may just be that you're unfamiliar with what he really, truly likes to play with. This article should help you get through that!

Dining With Domesticus: The Best and Worst Human Foods for Cats
We all like to share with our friends, but sharing isn't always such a good idea. In this article, we discuss human foods that you can and cannot serve your cat, as well as offer some fun recipes your kitty might just love!

Nitty Gritty Kitty: How to Perform At-Home Cat Grooming
Everyone needs a spa day every now and then, even your feline companion. In this article, we discuss all of the ins and outs of cleaning up kitty at home in a safe and effective manner.

How to Keep Your Cats Busy When They are Home Alone
Though they may sleep quite a bit, cats – in their waking moments – are busy little creatures. Even though you would likely prefer to stay home and keep them entertained your-very-own-self, that just might not be an option. To help them keep active and happy while they're home alone, check out this article for some useful tips.

How to Keep Your Cat From Eating Too Quickly
Rapid-fire eating can be a real issue for cats, and this practice may lead to a number of problems for the pair of you. If your kitty scarfs down his food, check out this article for some useful advice.

Emotional Needs

When it comes to caring for your cat, you need to keep tabs on his emotional health as well as his physical. In this section, we will look into ways to keep your kitty mentally active, adapt to life with other people and creatures, as well as keep him entertained.

How to Keep Your Cat Entertained When You’re Busy
Cats are so, so easily bored. They're also nosy little things. Because of those two incontrovertible facts, it's essential to know how to keep your cats busy. In this article, we offer tips for keeping kitty entertained in a variety of situations, from the kitchen to the bathroom to the middle of the night!

Cats and Kids: Five Tips for Fostering Respectful Play
A cat and a kid can make for a great team; however, if they aren't taught the virtues of respectful play, the results can be disastrous. In this article, we talk about how to create courteous habits that will form a warm, fun bond between your two favorite little critters.

How Not to Play With Your Cat: Common Playtime Mistakes
We think we know how to play... after all, we've done it our whole lives. But playtime is very different for felines than it is for us. In this piece, we discuss mistakes that most of us make, and how to remedy them.

Conflicting Play Styles: How to Bridge the Gap Between Human and Feline
When you and your cat don't see eye-to-eye during playtime, it can wreak havoc on his mental state. After all, he's not getting the satisfaction of a game well played. This article describes different feline and human play styles, and how you can bridge the gap if you don't quite match up.

How to Travel With Your Cat
One of the grooviest things about cats is that they are decently self-reliant. However, if you need to leave the house for an extended period of time, you might not want to just let him rule the house on his own. In that case, you may very well consider taking him with you. In order to do that, there will be a lot of preparation involved, and this article serves to ease the process.

A Day With the Doctor: How to Get Your Cat to the Vet With Minimal Stress
The sad truth is that kitties need to go to the doctor sometimes, and nobody likes that! To help simplify that difficult event, we've put together this article, which offers some useful cat care tips for vet visits.

Letting Go of Tension: How to Calm a Stressed Cat
Some felines are absolute cucumbers. Others... not so much. Furthermore, even the most sedate cat can come up against stressful situations. If either of those things apply, you can always turn to this article for useful advice that will keep your anxious little pal nice and cool!

Why You Should Play With Your Cat
No series on cat care tips would be complete without an article describing all of the reasons you and your fuzzy little friend should frolic together. This article answers the question: “Why should I play with my cat?” in detail so that by the end, you shall never question it again!


When you live with kitties, caring for them is just part of the job. After all, they DO let you live in the house, right? Hopefully, with this handy little collection, you will be able to find a solution to any cat care-related issue that may pop up, and thus, be able to keep kitty happy and healthy for years to come!

Having an issue with your feline friend that isn't in this collection? Tell us about it in the comments!

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Image by Anna Shvets via Pexels under Pexels License

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