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Decorating for Kitty: The Best Cat Furniture on the Market

Decorating for Kitty: The Best Cat Furniture on the Market

Cat furniture serves a number of functions for your kitty, and the best pieces are both functional and attractive. They can help your cat play, rest, and stay safe, all while allowing you to keep your house looking sharp and well-put-together. Today, we are going to explore several different types, and discuss how you can fit them neatly into your home.

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Cat Trees

Cat trees are one of the most useful items of cat furniture that you can own. They provide your kitty with a safe spot to hide, play, nap, scratch, and survey their territory, all while giving them the satisfaction of knowing that they have a place that is entirely their own. They're a pretty good bang for your buck if you think about it, since they supply a lot of benefits, but still don't really take up all that much space most of the time.

Types of Cat Trees and Towers

There are a number of different cat tree types and configurations on the market, ranging from simple posts with scratching areas and small beds, to large, castle-like structures that come with built-in toys, scratchers, beds, and hammocks. Some come with standard fabrics like carpeting and sisal, while others have more unique materials, like real wood and faux leather.

Cat Tree Recommendations

MidWest Homes Biscayne Cat Tree

This MidWest Homes cat tree is a lovely blend of classic tree and modern design. The muted, simple colors allow it to fit into pretty much any home, while the multi-leveled configuration allows plenty of room for napping and frolicking. This tree measure around 29.2"x32"x59.8', is made up of woven rattan, sisal, and faux fur materials. It comes with a few basic toys, a couple of beds, a perch, and a hidey hole. The upside of this particular tree is that it will blend well into just about any space; however, the rattan material is ripe for the scratching, and may break apart over time.

FrontPet Modern Cat Tree Tower with Natural Wood Finish

So this is definitely not your usual cat tree! Incredibly modern in design, it is made up of wood and low-pile carpet, and is meant to be climbed, scratched, and generally harassed, all while keeping your home looking sharp and uncluttered. It comes with four staggered platforms, each covered in neutral-colored carpeting. The wood itself is purposely unfinished, so that you can choose what color you ultimately want it to be. Another neat bonus? A built in feeding station! All told, this piece of stylish cat furniture measures in at 60”x30”x23”, and the bowls have a 5" diameter. This piece is incredibly attractive, and the bonus here is that, even if your kitty isn't crazed over it, the carpet and bowls can be pulled away and the whole thing can be used for unique shelving. Unfortunately, though, this tree doesn't provide a ton of extras, and you will have to finish it yourself if you prefer a different look - which can be a pain if you want something colorful, but you don't have the time for DIY.

Kitty Mansions Amazon Cat Tree

A cat tree in a more literal sense than others, this bit of kitty-themed furniture is an unusual and kind of adorable option. Unlike the more common choices, this particular tree does not have carpeting, opting instead for a softer faux fur, making it a pretty comfy lounger. Don't let that dissuade you, though - this thing is still excellent for playtime and a great little scratcher too, as it has multiple levels, two condos and small ladder, and several sisal rope-covered columns. It also has hammock and bed, and, of course, that unique spray of leaves, which I have no doubt will provide hours of fun all on their own. Overall, the dimensions are 48"'x25''x78''.

Cat Window Perches

Window perches are one of the newer innovations in cat furniture, but there are nevertheless a lot of really great options available. Since most people prefer to keep their cats indoors, these comfy little contraptions help to stimulate all of those instinctive urges, all while keeping your kitties safe. This is especially true if they're placed in windows that showcase a lot of outside activity, so keep that in mind when considering placement.

Types of Cat Window Perches

In general, cat window perches mimic their wall perch counterparts, in that they are usually made up of a simple flat or round bed that is attached by various means. The type that you pick will depend a lot upon the size of your window, but for most homes, the common suction cup design will work really well. If your home has windowsills, there are also some choices that attach directly to the sill via small screw or Velcro-like adhesives.

Cat Window Perch Recommendations

K&H PET PRODUCTS Thermo-Kitty Sill Heated Cat Bed

Cozy and simple, this K&H cat window perch is a little classy and a little cute. The bed itself boasts a simple, fleecy appearance, while the supporting structure has a pretty, neutral-colored, swirling design. This particular perch is quite sturdy and very easy to set up. Furthermore, cleanup is simple, as the bolster that covers the comfy orthopedic pad can be removed and tossed in the washer. The oval-shaped bed is fairly sizable, supporting up to 40 pounds, and can hold a couple of small to medium sized cats, or one of the larger-breed kitties. This perch can be attached to a windowsill via the included hook and loop adhesive, or with screws - which are also included. Best of all, you can get it either heated or unheated. The heated options means your kitty is unlikely to ever leave this bed. So... just keep that in mind! Overall, this window perch is a cozy, solid option; however, it does require a 2" windowsill, meaning it may not fit into every home.

D.Jane Cat Window Hammock

If you want a window perch, but you also want something a little less permanent, don't want to poke holes into your wall, or you simply don't have a windowsill, then there is a solution... suction cups! This perch bed is a funky, adorable option, with a unique cat head-shaped design that is made of metal, a soft plushy bed, and heavy-duty suction cups that make setting up and taking down very simple. It's also a cool option if you want to create a sort of staggered staircase or an unusual sleeping arrangement for multiple cats. This particular perch is about 14.5" in diameter, 11.5" inside, 1.6" deep, and holds up to around 28 pounds. Because of its more compact size, it fits fairly well in most windows; however, because of the smaller size, it may not be able to withstand the weight or capacity of more than one adult cat at a time.

Kitty Cot Original World's Best Large Cat Perch

Incredibly functional, durable, easy to clean, and approved by the Humane Society, the Kitty Cot is pretty much the gold standard of window cat perches. I know, I know... a big claim to make, but here's the deal: this thing can be indoor/outdoor cat furniture, due to its heavy-duty, weather-resistant hammock fabric; the 3/4" PVC pipes can take a lot of damage; and their patented Giant Suction Cups are rated to hold up to 15 pounds. All told, this simple but useful piece can withstand up to about 25 pounds of crazy cat, and measures around 26"x14". The only true downside to this particular perch is that it doesn't come with a cushy bed; however, in the very likely event you already have a pillow or mat for your cat, then you'll be good to go!

Litter Boxes and Enclosures

Litter boxes themselves are pretty utilitarian - they serve their purpose, but they really aren't all that attractive. Litter box enclosures are both functional and beautiful. They can add a touch of style to your home, discreetly hide a clunky box, and provide an element of safety for your cat. You don't necessarily have to have multiple pieces, though - that is, a box and an enclosure - as some litter boxes are unique unto themselves.

Types of Litter Boxes and Enclosures

Litter box enclosures come in a number of styles. Often, they are made to look like simple furniture, such as end tables, trunks, or cabinets. Some are made to look similar to doll, play, or outhouses. Others still may be made with multiple stories, providing a sort of "downstairs bathroom" below a regular cat condo. Alternatives to regular litter boxes include corner-fitting and dome-shaped affairs, stainless steel contraptions, and disposable, earth-friendly options.

Litter Box and Enclosure Recommendations

Good Pet Stuff Hidden Litter Box

Time for a new litter box, aye? But the regular style of box is sort of... you know... ugly... and you don't exactly have room for a big enclosure. So then how about a houseplant? Of all the litter boxes on the market, this one is definitely one of the more unique options. Large in size, this box is made up of a durable Terra Cota-colored polypropylene material, which boasts a ventilation system that promises to keep down both the dust and the stink. Standing around 42", this box will work for just about any household; however, it is ideal for a home with either multiple kitties, or just one sizable one. On the downside, you may find the silk plant to be a little... well... garish. If that's the case, and you happen to be on the crafty side, it can be replaced by pretty much any other silk plant, or you may decide to leave it off entirely.

ecoFLEX Cat Litter Loo Litter Box Enclosure

Stylish, functional, and highly camouflaging, the ecoFlex Litter Loo is a pretty handsome option as far as litter box enclosures go. Constructed from ecoFlex - an unusual material made from reclaimed wood and recycled plastic - this piece helps to resist odors and stains, as it doesn't absorb moisture, has sealed floors, and a flip down front that makes clean up a whole lot easier. Furthermore, because it looks like regular furniture, it can double as a small table, or - if you want to continue with the overall cat "theme" - you could easily top it with an attractive cushion or bed... just be sure to use some double-sided tape to avoid anyone sliding off! The exterior measures at 30"x24"x28.9", while the interior stands at 28.4"x22.4"x25.2", and the door at 7.9"x7.9".

PetSafe Mr. Herzher's Large Decorative Litter Pan Cover

Delicately designed but shockingly sturdy, this wicker-style litter box enclosure would make a lovely addition to your home no matter where you place it. Although this may have the look of traditional wicker, it's made up of a durable PVC material that shouldn't trap any odors and cleans up quickly and easily. Additionally, it comes with a handy "catch tray" at the bottom, which means your floors won't take the heat if your cat has an accident or misses the box entirely - hey, it happens sometimes. Finally, the bottom of this lovely little device has non-slip feet, keeping the whole affair from sliding around and scuffing things up. This enclosure measures around 20"x16"x19".

Cat Shelves

Like window perches, cat shelves are great, multipurpose pieces that allow your kitty to either play or rest, escape or survey. Although these will not provide the same sort of outdoor-viewing stimulation, they are still excellent for allowing your buddy a safe spot to get away, have some fun, and test his natural skills.

Types of Cat Shelves

The most basic varieties typically consist of a firm - usually wooden - flat base, sometimes covered in carpeting, and attached via wall anchors. More elaborate types include sisal steps that can be staggered, jungle gym-styled hanging playgrounds, and double perches with a connecting bridge.

Cat Shelf Recommendations

Trixie Pet Products Wall-Mounted Cat Lounging Set

All the best stuff from a cat tree, with none of the floor-taking dimensions, this Trixie cat shelf set is a veritable kitty jungle gym that will make both you and your little buddy happy. This set comes with two sisal-wrapped steps, sisal and plush-covered hammock, and an equally plushy condo that also comes with a comfy, removable cushion. The condo measures about 17"x11"x"11", the hammock is 22"x11"x13", and the steps are 7"x7"x8.5". The beauty of this set is that you can put it together in just about any combination you can think of. While that is a good thing, it might be a bit tricky to assemble if you're not a do-it-yourself kind of person.

PawHut Floor-to-Ceiling Adjustable Staggered Cat Tower

Big, beautiful, and, best of all, fun, this delightful floor-to-ceiling cat tower is every bit as stylish as it is useful. This particular piece of cat furniture consists of four movable shelves and one plushy hammock. The shelves and hamock are made up of chipboard and soft, cushy materials, while the tree itself is made from sturdy steel tubing. All told, this measures around 30.25"x14.25"x89.25-115.25". The shelves measure about 8.25"x14.25"x6.5", while the hammock is roughly 11"x 9.5Wx7.25; they can both hold up to 11 pounds of cat per perch. Although there's a lot to love about this uniquely modern piece, the downside is that if you have larger kitties, the small size of the perches may make it hard for them to relax.

HumaneGoods Deluxe Cat Wall Shelf

If you'd prefer something a little simpler or have a smaller space to work with, this cat shelf is a really good choice. The curved, modern design measures to a comparatively petite 19”x10.8". It is made up of an attractive solid wood, as well as three comfy, scratchable - and totally replaceable - carpet pads. The nice thing about this particular perch is that, despite its moderate size, it is very sturdy and can hold up to some decently-sized felines. On the downside, although this item comes with hardware, you may want to get something a little sturdier.

Cat Scratchers

Cat scratchers are pretty much mandatory in any feline-owned home. There are definitely a lot of basic, cardboard types on the market. These work just fine, but they certainly aren't all that appealing to the humans in the house. Thankfully, you can mingle your own style with your cat's needs fairly easily, by way of attractive, furniture-based pieces. Not only do these look a whole lot better, they are also meant to last longer than your typical scratchers, making them all the more attractive.

Types of Cat Scratchers

Styles can range from the standard variety, with the small twist of coming in unusual patterns and shapes; scratchers that double as lounges or beds; and wall-mountable or column styles. Usually they are made up of corrugated cardboard, but can sometimes be found in materials like carpet, sisal, or cork.

Cat Scratcher Recommendations

BobbyPet Cat Collapsible Scratcher Lounge Bed

Curvaceous and strangely stylish, this is a scratcher that will serve quite a few functions. Not only does it serve as a regular scratching post, it is also a fantastic lounger, and an aesthetically-pleasing piece of cat furniture. What's extra exciting is that this piece is a two-in-one affair, so it really is twice the bang for your buck. Made up of sturdy recycled cardboard, this scratcher is around 20"x5.1", and comes with a pinch of catnip to help get your kitty's attention. Although pretty much every cat will find some use for this, it's important to note that, because its made up of a papery material, it is definitely not waterproof.

FUKUMARU Cat Activity Mountable Tree with Scratching Posts

Scratchers are not only for scratching - no, no... they are also for stretching, and making messes with. Er... forget that last part, that's really more of a by-product. But the stretching thing, that's true. If your furry little friend is more of an over-head scratcher, chances are he's in need of a good stretching out, and this scratcher may be just the thing for him. This unusual little thing is a decent height for most cats, and comes with an extra perch if your kitty would like to spread out a bit. It is made up of a relatively soft jute material, and comes with everything you need to get set up. What makes this piece especially neat is that it doubles as a stylish scratcher and a fun, high climbing toy.

PetFusion Ultimate Cat Scratcher Lounge

Double tiered for multi cat households, neutral colors that are suitable for any decor, and a completely functional design, the PetFusion Scratcher Lounge is likely to be a great addition to just about any cat-loving home! Although this piece is made up of recycled corrugated cardboard, much like many other options, it is carefully assembled with corn starch glue, piece by piece, making it significantly sturdier than similar items. Additionally, the siding consists of satin cardboard, giving it a strangely polished feeling. Measuring at 34"x10.5"x10.5" and weighing 10.9 pounds, this is a great, long lasting option for multiple cats, or one cat that can't get enough of tearing up the place! However, because of its size, it's important to gauge how much room you have, as it could very quickly overwhelm smaller floor spaces.

Cat Beds

There are an infinite number of cat beds on the market. As it stands, no matter your style or particular needs, you're certain to find something that will work for both your home and your kitty companion. Like scratchers, beds are a pretty important addition, as they provide a cozy place to rest. One that isn't your personal favorite place to rest... which, of course, is a nice bonus when it comes to lounging after a long day. I mean... you love your cat, but jeeze! You just want to sit down. Right?

Types of Cat Beds

Because of the number of beds available, it should come as no surprise that there are also a ton of different styles. Classic beds abound, and typically consist of circular pieces with low walls and soft, occasionally foamy, cushions. The types that tend to look more like furniture are often raised - sometimes on actual legs, and other times on platforms - and will come in either very funky patterns, or more subtle and subdued colors. These beds tend to be more like small houses with the bed proper tucked neatly inside.

Cat Bed Recommendations

Cat Craft Tunnel Bed

So you know that I love cat tunnels... or... rather, my cats love cat tunnels. All right, we all do. But the point I'm trying to make is this: What if you could take all the fun of a cat tunnel, add in a cozy little sleeping space, and package it up in something beautiful? Well, that's what you end up with with this Cat Craft bed. It's modern design and neutral color makes for a pretty attractive piece of furniture, the elevated tunnel shape is just begging for a kitty to run through it, while at the same time allowing just a bit of privacy and comfort during nap time. Made up of T/C fabric - a cotton, polyester blend - on the tube portion, soft fur in the bedding, and wooden legs, this bed is very cozy, and will help keep your kitty feeling safe. It measure in at 11.4"x17.5"x16.5".

The Refined Feline's Kitty Ball Cat Bed

Kitties love balls... they love batting them around all crazy-like, they love kicking them, and they love playing ground-level catch games. That said, why should they not also love them in bed form? I know... I'm mad. But really, this lovely piece puts me in mind of some of those handmade cat toys that you see from time to time, and frankly, it works! Constructed with a very durable poly rattan, this thing will stand up to quite a bit of scratching - and believe me, your kitties will want to scratch it. It also includes a cozy, machine washable cushion, making it a wonderful lounging spot, as well as a delightful plaything! The dome for this bed is around 17", and the height ranges from 13.5" from floor to bed, and about 31" tall altogether.

Paws & Purrs Pet Upholstered Sofa Bed

It's... it's a tiny cat couch! Ooooh, I'm getting the vapors from the cuteness here! As far as cat furniture goes, you're not going to get any more literal than this, ladies and gentlemen! And let me tell you, this thing is every bit as functional as it is funny. The attractive, light-colored upholstery is machine washable, and covers a very cushy mattress. The overall dimensions are 31.5"x19.5"x15.5", while the seat is 25.5" wide and 17" deep. Although the cushions are machine washable, it's important to note that the rest of the couch will need to be wiped down by hand. Furthermore, the light colors may be a bit of a pain to keep clean and fresh-looking.


Just because your cat owns the house, it doesn't mean that you don't get to decorate it. And after hours of getting everything just right, your cat furniture shouldn't blow your whole decor. Hopefully you have found some fun or tasteful ideas that will match your design beautifully and seamlessly!

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