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Cleaning Up Kitty: Cat Grooming Supplies for at Home Use

Cleaning Up Kitty: Cat Grooming Supplies for at Home Use

Cats are more or less self cleaning critters, but let's face it... sometimes, they do need a little bit of help. This is especially true for certain breeds. Sphynxes, for instance, need regular baths, while the polar opposite Persian needs frequent brushing and an occasional trim. There are plenty of groomers ready and willing to pamper your little buddy, but if you'd rather take on the task of tidying up your feline yourself, there are plenty of cat grooming supplies that can help keep him clean and your home mess-free... well... relatively.

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Self Grooming

Some cats love a good brushing, others would prefer to be left alone. It really just depends on your kitty. But if your pal would rather do the work himself, or if you simply don't have a moment to help out with the regular cleaning chores, self-grooming products are
there to help! Available items range from stand-up brushing trees to soft-bristled grooming mats.

AikoPets Cat Arch Self Groomer and Massager

Arch brushes are an excellent tool for self grooming cats. This particular brush is made up of sturdy but bendable bristles, and a decently hefty, carpet-covered base. Additionally, it comes with a pack of catnip, so as to attract your itchy kitty friend. As with any other self grooming gizmo, though, it's important to watch while it's in use - although the bristles are relatively soft, aggressive rubbers might wind up with a poke to the eye.

Catit Senses 2.0 Wellness Center

The Catit Senses Wellness Center is pretty unique, as far as cat grooming supplies go. It consists of a reasonably-sized, ergonomic base with massaging ridges - perfect for cats to rub or roll on. It also boasts a comfy padded cushion, and a massager that is perfectly shaped for working out stress from your kitty's neck, face, and head. The actual grooming portions of this device include sturdy, flexible brushes, as well as a catnip-infused gum stimulator.

Manual Combs

So maybe your cat isn't much for brushing himself, but he still needs an occasional polishing. Well, that's what manual combs are all about! Although many people use a hair brush or comb meant for humans, cat fur is quite different in a lot of ways, and often requires teeth with different sizes or shapes to help prevent matting or remove existing tangles. Cat combs are typically made up of solid, metal materials and look similar to your regular, every day styling product. Others come with sharper portions, allowing you to "cut" through large knots.

Hertzko Two-Pack Pet Combs

As I mentioned earlier, some cat combs look pretty similar to those you'd find in your local beauty supply store. These definitely do! What makes this set of combs different from its human equivalent is the rounded ends. Combs meant for humans, unfortunately, tend to be a bit on the sharp side. Although these tools are made up of stainless steel, the teeth are, in fact, rounded. The result of this is that they will be a good deal gentler on your kitty's skin, will help keep his coat smooth and tangle-free, and will also provide a nice little bonus massage.

Hertzko Dematting Comb

So your cat is already knotted up or, because of his fabulously long locks, you know that knotting is imminent. Not to worry! This double-sided comb has sharp, stainless steel, safety-edged blades that allow you to gently work through both large and small mats. Once the mats are gone, you can simply flip the comb over to brush out any loose undercoat. Although this can be used to cut out knots, because of its safe construction, it's suitable for regular maintenance.

Nail Care

Many people think that because their cats scratch away at posts and trees that nail care is unnecessary. Actually, for some cats, it is - I mean... the whole "self cleaning" business does frequently include nail biting. However, scratching only serves to "sharpen" claws - or, rather, remove broken or frayed nails to expose new growth - and some kitties simply cannot be bothered to give themselves that all-important pedicure. That said, in order to keep claws orderly, a little bit of intervention may be necessary. Most of the available nail groomers consist of small, specially-shaped scissors; however, there are also nail grinders on the market, which can make the whole process a bit easier for some felines.

gonicc Pets Nail Clippers and Trimmers

This pair of nail trimmers looks pretty basic, but is actually fairly unique in that it comes with some very useful safety measures. For one, the built-in, movable safety guard helps to reduce over-trimming. Next, the handle is ergonomically designed, which is essential when you're trying to juggle your clippers and your kitty's sensitive little feet. Finally, the stainless steel blades allow for quick, precise cuts, making the whole process go just a little bit easier.

Hertzko Electric Pet Gentle Nail Grinder

Although nail clippers are a fairly simple, easy solution, for some cats they just aren't all that appropriate. An alternative to the regular clipper is a grinder. Now I realize, the name makes it sound profoundly unsettling, but think of them less as actual grinders, and more as machine-driven nail files. This particular grinder is a very good option for cats, as it is quieter and produces less vibration than some other options, which may be a little less daunting for your easily-frightened feline. Furthermore, it has three openings, all of which address something different: One for trimming, another for shaping, and the third for smoothing jagged claws. Finally, and this is really more of a benefit for you, this grinder is rechargeable via USB - so no need to worry about batteries!

Fur Trimming

On a day to day basis, you may not even think about trimming your cat. I mean... he sheds constantly... he doesn't need your help to lose even more hair. But alas! Some kitties do occasionally need a little bit of extra cleaning up, be it for sanitary reasons, stubborn knots, or simply because he happens to be of the long-haired variety. But giving your kitty a haircut can be a tricky venture, and without the right tools, it can be downright disastrous. To bring out your best inner cat stylist, you can choose from a handful of options, including regular salon-style scissors, all the way to quiet electric shavers. It all really depends on what needs to be accomplished, and how finicky your little friend is.

Scaredy Cut Silent Pet Grooming Kit

At first glance, these may look like a simple set of scissors, but appearances are fairly deceptive. Although it IS true that the scissors themselves are regular stainless-steel grooming shears, they come with seven different attachable grooming combs that range in length from 1/2" to 1", which means that no matter what your reason for clipping, or what style of cat you're working with, you're certain to get the best cut. This nice little set includes gel finger inserts and a comb organizer, and it also comes in either left or right handed versions.

Nicewell Low Noise Electric Pet Clipper

Occasionally you just need to go bald... right? Well, maybe not, but there are some things that a simple pair of scissors just won't work for, and that's where electric shavers really shine. This particular shaver has a low noise level - 55-59dB, in fact - which is great if your cat is easily freaked out by weird noises. It is also designed with a useful little safety blade, thus reducing bind-up. Actually, there's a double blade setup, which includes a fixed stainless steel affair, and a moving ceramic blade. It comes with a built in Li-ion battery that charges quickly and lasts a good long time, and also has a handy charging display to keep you abreast of what your battery is up to.


Of course, we couldn't discuss cat grooming supplies without talking about bathing. However, many of the bathing items change so rapidly, and each cat has his own particular needs, so instead of recommending anything specific, I'll just give you a quick rundown of things to look for.


As I said before, every cat is different - some will need bath products for sensitive skin, while others will need something for specific skin conditions, and others still may not need anything particularly special. Of course, if your vet has specific recommendations or has given you a prescription shampoo, please stick to that advice. But if you're just generally on the market, some of the things you should look for in a cat shampoo include:

  • A short, simple list of identifiable ingredients. Just because the label says "natural," it doesn't mean that it won't also contain some rather gross ingredients. If you can't identify something, then you're better off avoiding it.
  • Free from chemical dyes, parabens or very heavy perfumes. Dyes can irritate your cat's skin, and strong perfumes may just drive him mad - I mean... they are awfully sensitive to scents!
  • Try to look for skin-soothing ingredients, like aloe vera, oatmeal, vitamin E, and chamomile, especially if your cat is dealing with dandruff or irritated skin.
  • If a regular bath is simply out of the question, look into wipes or waterless shampoos. In either of these cases, be sure to keep an eye out on the above-mentioned things, that is to say: nothing harsh, soothing, identifiable ingredients.

Other Cat Groom Supplies

In many cases, conditioner will not be necessary for your cat; however, if he has exceedingly long or fine fur, you may want to consider it. As with shampoo, look for simple, gentle ingredients. You may also want to consider a detangling spray for pre-combing use, as well as dander reducers if allergies are becoming an issue in your home.

Finally, if you plan to clip your kitty's claws, I would recommend keeping a styptic pencil or powder on hand. Though I've no doubt you'll be exceedingly careful with your buddy's little hands, nicking the quick can sometimes happen. This can be painful and cause some bleeding. Styptics help by slowing the blood flow and reducing discomfort.


Maybe you're a tidy individual or maybe you're an aspiring professional groomer, either way, cat grooming supplies are an absolute must if you keep these furry creatures in your home. What you have on hand will really depend on what type of feline you have, or what sort of nonsense he tends to get into.

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