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Kitty Quiz: What’s Your Cat’s Play Style?

Each feline is a unique individual. In order to meet all of his needs, it's important to know some key things. One example of this is knowing how he plays in order to meet his physical and mental requirements. Find out your cat's play style with this handy quiz!

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Every cat is an individual, and as such, no two cats play the same. But that's not to say there aren't a handful of specific categories that your unique feline might fall under. If you're just itching to know what your fuzzy little pal's style is, take the quiz below to find out. Not only will you learn something interesting about your kitty, but you will also be better equipped to interact with him in a way that satisfies his needs, and makes playtime more enjoyable for both of you!

Where do most of your games take place?

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How much energy does your cat have?

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How involved do you need to be during playtime?

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What sort of toys does your cat generally gravitate towards?

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What excites your cat the most?

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Your cat prefers to...

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If you weren't there to play, your cat would...

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What's Your Cat's Play Style?

Your kitty is a Hunter! Hunters give in to their natural instincts, and like to be involved in every aspect of the hunt. These felines are experts in the fine art of concealment, have the patience for a long stalk, and know exactly when it's time to go into attack mode. Although their games usually involve their toys, don't be surprised if your little Hunter gifts you with something creepy crawly, as he doesn't discriminate when it comes to game. Hunters have a good deal of vigor, so it's important to carve out plenty of time in your day to burn off that excess energy, otherwise you might find your feet becoming the next target.

Your kitty is a Chaser! Chasers like to give whatever game they are playing their all, diving head first into “attack mode.” Whether pursuing a teaser wand, trailing a household companion, or pouncing on a mouse toy, these felines play hard and fast. Though Chasers can be vigorous at the beginning of a game, don't be surprised to find that his energy fizzles out pretty quickly – after all, who can maintain that level of pep for an extended period? But if you're not done playing yet, never fear! Although the running, jumping, pouncing portion may have quickly faded, these kitties don't mind if the game continues on a low level – say, with him rolled over on his back, lazily batting at whatever you have in hand.

Your kitty is a Wrestler! Wrestlers like to keep the game quick, aggressive, and low to the ground. These felines are not generally big hunters, typically preferring to have their sparring partner nearby – or even handed directly to them; however, they are incredibly imaginative. Once they get a hold of their favorite toy, that toy becomes “prey” that needs to be subdued, held close, kicked, and rolled around on. If your little Wrestler is relatively young, or is simply untrained, it is important to remember to teach him the rules of the house – that is, your other household critters, your hands, and your feet are not made to be grappled with.
Problem Solver

Your kitty is a Problem Solver! Problem Solvers are exceptionally brainy. Although they may like a physical element to their playtime, they thrive with games that challenge their minds as well as their bodies. Because these felines are so thoughtful, however, they tend to get bored fairly quickly. To keep them entertained, you will have to get creative by frequently changing up their toys, building mazes and puzzles, and creating a sensory-rich environment. Problem Solvers also excel at training, so if you can make the time for it, you might find that teaching your cat a few tricks – like high fives, obstacle course running, or shell games – will be a lot of fun for both of you!

Your kitty is an Interactor! Interactors love to be in the middle of everything – especially when you or their fellow critters are involved. Although most cats are happy to play with or without human intervention, these felines prefer to have you as part of their games. This means that you will have to carve out a good chunk of time to frolic with your feline, or you might want to introduce them to a new furry friend – assuming you haven't already. It is important to note that Interactors usually have a secondary play style. For example, they might like to wrestle with their toys, they may be avid hunters or chasers, or they may be expert problem solvers. It is important to pay attention to what they enjoy, and adjust your games accordingly.

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