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The Best Cat Treat Toys for Food-Driven Felines

Best Cat Treat Toys for Food-Driven Felines - Cats Will Play

Is your kitty the ultimate feline epicurean? A connoisseur of fine foods? A grand gastronome? All right, those are all shocking ways of asking: is your cat food-driven? If so, then cat treat toys are an absolute must have! In this article, we delve into the delightful world of treat toys, and also touch on how they can benefit your furry little gourmet!

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Reasons to Try Cat Treat Toys

Has this ever happened to you: you're busily preparing dinner when suddenly you feel a soft poke at your leg. You look down and there it is – a smooshy little face with sad, pleading eyes staring up at you. Or maybe your kitty just follows at your heels, meowing in a relentless barrage of demands. Either way, chances are pretty good that you have a food-driven feline on your hands. This is actually a pretty good example of why cat treat toys can be so useful to keep in your home. If you furry little buddy bugs you while you're working with food, they can help keep him out of your hair, while also offering him a species-appropriate nibble.

Another instance where treat toys can come in handy is if you're living with an overweight kitty. These contraptions are great for limiting caloric intake, while also increasing physical activity – after all, when you're playing for a reward, you're more likely to follow-through.

Finally, cat treat toys are marvelous for a multi-cat household. When there are several kitties competing for a treat, there's almost invariably one that loses out. When you throw into the mix a toy that slows down eating and requires a bit of thought and patience, everyone gets an equal opportunity. These gadgets may also promote bonding, as trying to figure them out will require a certain degree of teamwork.

Types of Cat Treat Toys

Cat treat toys come in just a few themes: balls, puzzles, and traditional toys. Ball toys are pretty much exactly what they sound like: a regular ball with a small hole that dispenses treats when it's rolled around. Puzzles can come in many forms, like trap-door, moving panel, and exposed hole. Traditional feeder toys usually have the shape of regular feline playthings, but have the added advantage of releasing treats or kibble when appropriately manipulated.

Which type you choose will depend on your cat's unique personality. For instance, a puzzle toy would be best suited for a particularly brainy kitty, or alternatively, a cat that needs to slow down his eating. On the other hand, a feline who can't get enough of his food, but still prefers his teaser toys, might like the traditional option.


All for Paws Interactive Cat Feather Ball Treat Toy

If your food-driven feline likes traditional teasers, this cat treat toy may be especially rewarding. Boasting a familiar teaser toy with plenty of fun feathery bits, this plaything will kick in kitty's prey drive. Once your furry little buddy bats at the toy, though, he will be rewarded with whatever marvelous thing you pack into the attached container.

AWOOF Pet Snuffle Mat

Although this feeder toy is technically made for dogs, it can also be exceptionally useful for kitties who like to root around and discover treasure. Made up of a pleated felt and no-slip bottom, this unique contraption is meant to be filled with treats. If your kitty is a bit of a digger, this thing will be an absolute blast. And, of course, if it turns out the whole “play mat as a cat treat toy” thing doesn't work out, it would also make for an interesting place for your cat to nap. Just sayin'!

Mora Pets Automatic 3 in 1 Cat Toy

This groovy little thing is not just a cat treat toy – nope, it is, in fact, a three-in-one extravaganza! All right, that might be overselling it just a touch, but it IS three-in-one, and will likely be pretty appealing to a wide variety of kitties. So what are its three distinct features? The first is that all-too-exciting teaser toy that spins and rotates; next, it comes with a built-in laser that will skitter around the room, thus exciting your cat's hunter instincts; and finally, that all-important treat element, which means your cat will be rewarded for all of his hard-playing efforts.

Trixie Activity Fun Board

Trixie is known for making amazing, brain-tickling puzzles for our feline friends, and this particular cat treat toy is no exception. This contraption is actually five games in one, and consists of: fishbowl globes, a peg game, an alley for hiding things, a wall maze for liquid treats, and a small mouse hole for concealing either treats or toys. This toy is superb whether you're living with a single treat-hungry kitty, or multiple cats that need a little help in the sharing department.

PetSafe SlimCat Green Meal Dispensing Cat Toy

Maybe your cat prefers something a little simpler when it comes to playtime. Perhaps he's on the mature side, or dealing with weight or health issues. If any of those things apply, this toy would be a great option. This simple ball is made up of a sturdy plastic, and has an adjustable hole, which means that you can decide how difficult you want to make the game. Furthermore, because it comes in a set of three, you won't have to buy a new one every time your kitty bats it into the ether. Yay!


Cat treat toys are a great option for just about any feline-loving household; however, they are especially useful if your pal is working with health or weight issues, is especially – and, perhaps, annoyingly – food-driven, or if you live in a multi-cat household. Hopefully, with this article, you will have found something that will make your life easier, and your cat's life all the more enjoyable!

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