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Trick or Cat Treats: 10 Great Snacks to Indulge Your Kitty this Halloween

What's a spooky night in without goodies? Make sure you kitty can get in on the fun with these extra creepy cat treats!

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All right, so we talked about costumes, but what if you and your kitty just want to hide out and watch scary movies all night? You'll undoubtedly have your own supply of delectables, but what about your furry little companion? What cat treats to pick, though? Here are a few delicious options, plus some fun ways to hand out those goodies - no doorbell required!

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Cat Treats

Now... time to talk about goodies! Obviously, the best type of cat treat is the one your little pal will actually eat. But, of course, you want his food to also be healthy. I mean... your decorations should be the scariest thing in the house during Halloween, right? So below, I've listed ten really great options. In this list, you're bound to find something for even the most discriminating feline!

Vital Cat Freeze-Dried Minnows

If your cat is a fish lover, these simple little cat treats might be just the thing for him. Made up exclusively of freeze dried minnows, they contain nothing unsavory, are grain and gluten free, and have no by-products, fillers, or extra flavorings. On the upside, these are an incredibly healthy snack. On the downside, although your kitty might adore these, there's a good chance you'll feel a little creeped out... I mean... they're whole fish. ...Eyes'n all. Just sayin'!

Fresh Is Best Freeze Dried Turkey Giblets

Since it is Halloween, why not pick up some cat treats that can double as a haunted house decorations? All right, that's a bit dramatic, but really... these treats are made up of raw, freeze-dried turkey giblets, so they do have a bit of a horror show feel to them. Despite that fact, they're actually quite healthy for your feline's digestive system, and are free of antibiotics, hormones, and all those other undesirable ingredients like grain and gluten.

Cat-Man-Doo Dried Bonito Flake Treats

A cat treat you can share! No, seriously. If you've never heard of bonito flakes, then let me tell you... these things are used in all sorts of dishes - most notably, miso soup - and Cat-Man-Doo sells single ingredient, human grade flakes, so... like I said... you can share! Bonito is a tuna-like fish, and these dried pieces are not only fragrant and delicious, they also boast a lot of nutrients. This particular brand is also free of fillers and grains, so it'll be a lot kinder to your kitty's belly!

INABA Churu Chicken with Cheese Purée Treats

So by now, we all know that dairy really isn't all that great for a cat's digestion; however... they love the stuff, don't they? I'm not suggesting you give your friend a big ol' bowl of yogurt, but an occasional indulgence can be a real joy, right? These unusual cat treats are a simple, creamy puree that are made for occasional use, as they can be rather rich. Despite that, they are free of artificial colors, grains, and preservatives.

Bare Bites Dehydrated Beef Liver Treats

If simplicity is important in your cat's diet, these treats will be absolutely perfect. They are made up of a single ingredient - beef liver. There are absolutely no dyes, added flavors like salt or sugar, no grains, no preservatives. Just freeze dried beef liver. That really is it. These treats may be simple, but the strong natural flavor is appealing to many cats, and the pieces can be broken up into small enough not to present a problem for little kitty mouths!

Raw Paws Pet Freeze Dried Lamb Treats

You may not have thought of giving your cat lamb - I mean, poultry and fish prevail in the cat treat market - but apparently lamb is every bit as delightful for kitties as other types of meat. This freeze dried option is made up of 100% natural lamb meat, heart, tongue, tail, liver, kidney and spleen, and doesn't contain anything extra, like grains, added colors, flavors, or preservatives. One downside to these is that they're a bit on the large side, so you'll have to break them up a bit. This might not be too much of a downside, though, as the bag might just end up lasting a little longer because of it!

Dr. Becker's Venison Bites

Like lamb, venison is one of the more unusual types of cat treats. This particular brand is made up of human-grade, free-range venison liver. They are USDA inspected, and free of fillers, GMOs, grains, and gluten. They are very high in protein, as well as a number of other important nutrients. These treats are for both cats and dogs; however, like the lamb option above, they tend to be large, and need to be broken down a bit, otherwise they may be too solid for your cat to chew.

Ageless Paws Bison Liver Freeze Dried Treats

All right... I know... these say dog treats, but I assure you, these funky little bison bites are meant for everyone - I mean... they're so healthy even you might be tempted to try them, though I wouldn't personally recommend it. Apparently cats can't seem to get enough of bison, though, and that's perfectly fine. These treats are made with a single ingredient - bison liver - and don't contain soy, grains, antibiotics, artificial colors, or additional flavorings.

Whole Life Pet Chicken Breast Cat Treats

Made up of 100% freeze dried chicken breast, this is a great option for kitties who like poultry, prefer a softer treat, and require a minimal ingredient diet. These treats, just like the others, are made of safe, human-grade food, and are free of by-products and meals, gluten and grains, and artificial colors and flavors.

Wellness Kittles Cat Treat Variety Pack

Can't decide on what kind of cat treats to get your buddy? No need to choose! This particular bundle contains a wide assortment of flavors, including chicken, tuna and salmon. Regardless of which flavor your kitty chooses, you can be sure that he's getting a goody that's natural and free of by-products, grains, or fake flavors, colors, or preservatives!

Treating Your Cat to Fun

All right... now that you have your cat treats all lined up, it's time to make a game of the whole affair - after all, if you're kitty is to be the household ghost hunter, you need to keep his instincts sharp!

Trixie Activity Fun Board

Trixie Pet Products are pretty well known for their interactive cat toys, so it's no surprise that they have a few very ingenious contraptions that incorporate cat treats. This particular toy boasts five different games that help engage your kitty, slow down eating, and promote physical and mental stimulation. Games include fish-bowl style globes, pegs, alleys, slits, and a tunnel, all of which require different types of play in order to get to the desired end goal!

Yoyipet Ca-Tumbler Pumpkin Feeder Toy

What's Halloween without a few good pumpkins, and hey... your kitty can get into the spirit of things as well, right? This particular toy is fairly simple. It contains two separate compartments - one for treats, another for catnip, as well as a cute little kitten that helps you adjust the size of the openings. Just fill up the compartments, adjust according to treat size and desired challenge level, then let this thing roll. One neat added feature is that the shape of the toy is designed to allow for customization, meaning that you can easily attach sisal rope or yarn, or spray with catnip spray.

Outward Hound Advanced Puzzle Toy

Having a fairly advanced design, this treat puzzle toy is best used if your kitty likes a challenge. Constructed with a durable plastic, this toy is made up of six drawers that are secured by twisting locks. The goal is for your kitty to figure out how to unlock and open the drawers in order to get to those all important treats. If your cat is particularly clever, this likely won't be too difficult; however, it does slow down eating, and will likely provide quite a bit of enjoyment. Although this toy is made for dogs, it works equally well for clever kitties - especially if they're food-driven.

WingPet Interactive Cat Ball Toy

This cat treat toy has a little bit of everything - a 360 degree rotating, ball shaped tumbler that spits out treats; enticing chirping sounds; and a small teaser toy that flops along in the breeze. It also boasts an automatic shut off function, so you can set this sucker up and forget it. It is made of eco-friendly ABS materials, and comes with an additional feather and catnip bell ball.


All right... scary movie set to start, bowl of popcorn for you, tumbler of cat treats for kitty... all that's left is to turn off the lights, cuddle up, and get on with your spooky evening. Happy Halloween!

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