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Off the Floor and on the Walls: Cat Wall Shelves Reviews

Off the Floor and on the Walls Cat Wall Shelves Reviews

Want to keep your home aesthetically pleasing, while still catering to your cat's constant need to jump on... well... everything? Don't have enough room to keep a traditional cat tree? Just like the idea of having a place to put your books and your cats? Cat wall shelves are a stylish, functional, and incredibly space-saving option. These handy pieces of furniture are fantastic, as they not only look nice, but they also provide your kitty with some great, sky-high playtime opportunities. In addition to making some killer cat toys, they are ideal for napping, territory observation, and as simple escape routes in multi cat households. There are lots of options on the market, so today, we will look into a few of them.

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The Refined Feline Lotus Leaf Cat Shelf


The Refined Feline is known for making attractive, excellent quality pieces of cat furniture, and this beautiful, curvaceous shelf is no exception. Made up of solid wood and bent ply, and covered in a cozy, and replaceable Berber carpet, this shelf is stylish, functional, and comfortable. It measures at around 22"x10.5"x9", and comes with a screwdriver and all of the necessary hardware.

  • Modern and attractive
  • Cozy curve cradles your kitty, making him feel nice and safe
  • Made of sturdy materials that will last for a long time
  • Because this is a rather short shelf, it may not be ideal for multiple cats who like to share spaces
  • Additional hardware may be required to ensure a solid installation
  • If your cats are vigorous players, extra adhesives may be necessary to keep the carpet in place
Final Thoughts

Overall, this is one of the loveliest cat wall shelves around. It is also quite durable, easy to clean, and adds a nice touch to any home. On the downside, it is quite heavy, so you will probably want to have some extra help when it comes time to install, and you may want to use sturdier hardware than what's already provided.

Art of Paws Cat Shelf


One part cat bed, one part scratching post, this cat shelf is a wonderful choice if you want an attractive, multipurpose piece. This shelf is constructed with curved, hammock-style wood that measures 16"x12"x5", and comes with two different covers - a fabric-type for scratching, and a soft wool for cuddling. Because of its rather petite size, it is also a great choice if you want to create a sort of staggered, staircase situation, or if you have more than one cat and want each of them to have their own space.

  • Can be used as either a bed or a scratching toy
  • Already assembled and installs quickly
  • Lightweight
  • May not hold the weight of larger cats
  • The smaller size may not be ideal for a multi cat household
  • Only one color option, which may not suit your decor
Final Thoughts

Although the manufacturer says this can hold up to 33 pounds, because of this shelf's size and weight, it may be best used by smaller cats. All-in-all, though, this is a pretty little piece that serves several vital functions in one, without taking up a ton of space in the bargain.

CatastrophiCreations Cat Mod Feeder Shelf


This CatastrophiCreations shelf is a delightful innovation, combining a fun, safe kitty perch, with a comfortable place to dine. By now, you likely know how much I love dual purpose items, and this definitely fits the bill on that! It is hand-crafted from solid wood, and comes with two slots that hold an included pair of metal bowls. This piece measures 10"x11"x3", and at only about 3.1 pounds, is surprisingly lightweight considering its material. In addition to the bowls, it also comes with all the required screws, as well as anchors, which will help keep things sturdy on drywall. The only downside to this shelf is that it is technically made to be used with other CatastrophiCreations pieces.

  • With a weight capacity of 84 pounds, this cat wall shelf will hold up to both small and large cats
  • The attractive, fairly neutral design will fit into most homes
  • Keeps dogs and children out of the cat food bowls
  • The wood is a fairly dark color, and may not fit in with every decor
  • Is meant to be part of a larger set
  • You may need to use different hardware for a sturdier mount, depending on the type of wall you have
Final Thoughts

This cat perch is made of some solid stuff, and is beautiful to boot. With its two-for-one kitty escape and dining table, it may be exceedingly useful for homes that can't spare the floorspace, or if you simply want separate eating spaces for each of your cats. By and large, this design is incredibly sturdy; however, the hardware may not be solid enough, depending upon your walls, so additional hardware may need to be purchased.

RayCC Cat Shelves


Staggering cat wall shelves is always a good idea, and thankfully, this item comes as a handy three piece set. Although it is relatively basic in design, its very simplicity lends to creating a much larger kitty playground that will be suitable no matter what your aesthetic preferences are. Made with a breezy double layer of Oxford fabric, this set can hold up to 22 pounds of cat, measures 13.8"x9.9", and comes with everything you need to get set up.

  • Three piece set makes it easier to set up a catwalk or staggered steps
  • Easy to assemble
  • Simple design allows you to customize the appearance to your liking
  • That same simple design may not fit well into your home if you aren't all that into craft work
  • Smaller size means that these shelves won't be ideal for larger cats, or multiple kitties who like to share their perches
  • You may want to include some extra pieces to make these shelves more comfortable, like beds or pads
Final Thoughts

This set of shelves is perfect if you're planning on creating a sort of jungle gym-style wall for your kitties, or if you simply want to have a multi level option. Its simplicity of design makes it easy to blend into your home; however, that same simplicity may work against it if you don't care for the look as-is, but would rather not have to do the decorating yourself.


Cat wall shelves serve many purposes - from perch to bed, quick getaway to interactive toy. Some shelves come beautifully completed, while others may require a little creativity on your part. Almost all require a bit of your inner handyman to come out. No matter what you choose and how you go about getting it together, these shelves are certain to make your kitty happy... and if not... they'll certainly double as some killer bookshelves, right?

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