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The Best Classy Cat Toys for Your Stylish Home

The Best Classy Cat Toys for Your Stylish Home - Cats Will Play

Your fabulous feline is elegant, no question there. And you? The absolute epitome of sophistication. But in your chicly-appointed environment lurks something so garish, so hideous, you would be embarrassed to invite your equally upscale friends around to see... the cat toys! But never fear, my smart friend... there are plenty of classy cat toys on the market that will not only please your discerning kitty, but will also fit nicely into your magazine-spotless home! Keep reading to find out more!

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What Makes a Cat Toy “Classy”?

Everyone's opinion of stylishness is different, but there are some things we can all agree on. Simple colors, especially in neutral tones, are usually a good bet. Crisp designs and minimal patterns also tend toward sophistication. So how does this apply to cat toys? Well, if you look at some of the more common trends among our feline's playthings, you'll notice that they are typically rather gaudy in hue and clunky in shape. Of course, your own personal style will dictate what you define as “classy”; however, below, we will recommend some uniquely stylish options to help get you on your way to creating a more upscale look for your phenomenal feline.

Classy Cat Toy Recommendations

The Natural Pet Company Cat Toys Gift Box

Most cat toys can be pretty gaudy – what with all of the shocking colors and crazy textures – but this spectacular set is different. Its colors are quite modish and consist of muted reds, blues, oranges, and pinks, as well as a neutral, all-purpose tan. The material consists of natural sisal, wood, and soft feathers. Overall, an attractive alternative to the more common options.

Americat Company Cat Toy Ball Set

Ball toys are... well, balls. Basic round, rolling bits of blah. Not so with these interesting geometric wonders. But don't think that the fabulous design is all for show. Not at all. Instead, the unique contours serve to create a more exciting playtime experience by making the toy “wobble.” This wobbliness gives the illusion of prey, which, as we all know, can be incredibly enticing for our feline friends.

Yangbaga Crystal Crinkle Cat Toys Balls

So perhaps these aren't the most sophisticated toys, but come on... what's classier than crystal? And these clamorous little playthings are every bit as beautiful as the real thing. Plus the fact that they are crinkly, erratic, and infinitely biteable means that your cat will likely have hours of fun with them.

Petmate Jackson Galaxy Cat Dice

This set may be one of the more brightly-colored picks on the list; however, the sleek geometric designs lend to the overall stylishness. Besides, in addition to being quite funky and ultramodern, they are also very functional. The irregular design gives these toys a fidgety, unpredictable bounce, making them move a lot like prey animals, which your hunter kitty is almost certain to absolutely adore.

Alice's Cottage Wine Me Up Catnip Toys

If your cat's a kicker, but you're getting sick of the standard orange and purple tiger-striped atrocities laying around your floor, then maybe these stylish little numbers will create a nice happy-medium between fun and attractive. Shaped like your most delicious bottles of wine, and labeled with delightfully vintage “labels,” these kickers are both chic and maybe just a tad funny. And after all, a whimsical sense of humor is the hallmark of class, right?

Incline Vertical Scratcher Station

Every kitty needs a scratcher, but there is no reason this useful bit of furniture has to be clunky and unattractive. This particular scratcher toy is exceedingly stylish with its neutral color and sloping design. What's more, because of the curved inside portion, it can double as a cozy place to hang out and nap.

Good Life Modern Deluxe Cat Tree

Like scratcher toys, every cat needs a tree. This modern option has everything your furry little friend needs in a tree, and all the style you need to keep your home looking sleek and beautiful. This tree boasts several platforms, a scratching post, toy, and a perfect hidey hole. It has a deep woody finish, and neutral-colored bedding, as well as sisal that blends well with just about any design.

Hide & Drink Leather Cat Toy Mouse

Mouse toys are a staple in most kitty toy boxes. Let's face it, though... they're small and flashy and not all that appealing to look at. This interesting toy is a pretty unique – and classy – alternative. Not only is it made up of a delightful-to-look-at bourbon brown leather, it's also a larger toy than most mice on the market, meaning that it will be fun for your fabulous feline to drag around, chase, and wrestle with. Pretty great, right?

Furhaven Rectangle Corrugated Cat Scratcher

As far as classy cat toys go, this delightful thing is one of the best options. Why? Because it is both sweetly polished and fantastically functional. This particular toy is a scratcher, a napping pad, and a ball toy all in one. And it's made with a fetching, wood grain-like appearance, which means it will fit beautifully into your already stunning décor.

MEOWFIA Wool Ball Toys

Meowfia makes some really beautiful cat caves, but it turns out that they also craft some incredibly simple, stylish toys as well! These balls are made up of cat-attracting wool and natural dyes in an attractive, fashionable blue. What is extra fantastic about this particular set of toys is that, although they may lose their shape with all the clawing and gnawing, they are easy to manipulate and put back into their beautiful round shape.


The playthings of our favorite felines can sometimes be a little... well... loud. If you want some gadgets that are every bit as beautiful as your kitty, then these classy cat toys will do the trick!

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