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Kitty Quiz: What Kind of Crazy Cat Person are You?

What Kind of Crazy Cat Person Are You - Cats Will Play - Image by huiytpero via PxHere under CC0 1-0

"Crazy cat person” – or, more specifically, “crazy cat lady” – has been used as a derogatory term for years and years. The truth is, if you live with a cat, you would be crazy not to just lose your mind over their many endearing qualities. So, instead of being offended, we've decided to make the best of it. But, as with anything else, cat people come in all types, and with this quiz, you will discover where you fall in the unique and delightful spectrum of mad, cat loving human!

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First, the mandatory question: how many cats do you live with?

How much of your wardrobe consists of cat-themed clothing?

Speaking of kitty accouterments, how decked out is your home décor?

What are your thoughts on cat fur?

The best cat-themed gifts...

Conversations with my cat consist of...

What Kind of Crazy Cat Person Are You?
The True Crazy Cat Person

You are the very definition of crazy cat person. Congratulations! What does this mean, exactly? Well, you're not the sort of person who “owns” a cat; instead, you see felines as your equal. You actively share your life with your furry friends just as you would a roommate or a relative. Furthermore, you appreciate everything about them – from their interesting mannerisms, to their delightfully adorable looks, to their strange idiosyncrasies. Although there may be some folks out there who would make you feel weird about this, just remember... you are an honest and empathetic human being, and nobody knows it better than the cats you love so dearly!
The Feline Aficionado

You may not live with as many kitties as the definitive crazy cat person, but you still can't get enough of them. Those around you know that when you spend time together, not only will they get to hang out with your own kitties, they will also get to see pictures of them on your phone, and hear stories about their latest antics. In addition to losing your mind over your own cats, you probably have a robust collection of pictures and videos of other cats. After all, they are a constant source of delight! Although some people may think you're a little mad for your deep appreciation of all things feline, don't let them get you down... you are a thoughtful, fun-loving human being, and no one knows that better then the kitties you adore!
The “I'm Crazy About My Own Cat” Person

You may appreciate the beauty of cats in general, but no other feline can hold a candle to your own. You are a unique species of crazy cat person. While others may decorate their homes with kitty-themed objet d'art and deck themselves out with the cleverest of cat clothing, you tend to be more low key. After all, the bond you share with your kitty is special, so when the subject does come up, you focus all of your attention on your own furry friend. Although some people may try to make you feel weird for the distinctive kinship you share with your cat, just remember... you are a loving, loyal individual, and nobody knows it better than the lucky feline you share your home with.

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