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How to Donate Cat Toys to Rescues and Shelters

How to Donate Cat Toys to Rescues and Shelters - Cats Will Play

If you've spent any amount of time on this website, you know that we absolutely love cat rescues, and chances are, you do too. These organizations do some really great work, but unfortunately, they often run on a pretty shoestring-style budget. This means that they often need a helping hand with a lot of the essentials. One such essential that these organizations can always use is toys – after all, kitties have to play! That said, today, we will be discussing how you can donate cat toys to your favorite rescue.

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Step One: Find Your Rescue

If you already have a favorite rescue or shelter in mind, this step is simple: just look for their name, plus their city and state. If you're not sure who you want to contribute to, then perform a simple search like this: “Cat Rescues” followed by ”[city], [state].” This will provide some citywide options. If you want something a little more focused, replace your city and state with your zip code.

Step Two: Find Out What They Need

Now that you have a list of places you want to donate to, your next step is to find out exactly what they need. A lot of rescues will already have a wish list in place, and if yours does, your best bet is to pick from their list. If they don't, take a moment to locate their E-mail address or contact form. Ask them what they are in need of at the moment, what they might need in the future, and if they have any specific requirements. That last part is important, so don't forget it. Why? Because your organization knows exactly what each kitty likes and dislikes, whether or not there are any physical or emotional sensitivities, and what each foster parent prefers to have in their home.

Step Three: Pick Out Your Cat Toys

Your decisions during this step should be guided by your rescue's unique needs and preferences. That said, though, if they aren't particularly picky, this step can be a lot of fun – after all, your choices are pretty much endless. If your donation options are open-ended, you can donate cat toys that fall into three categories: new, used, and homemade. Let's look into each category individually.

New toys are pretty self-explanatory. They will consist of just about any toy you can find in a regular pet store or online.

You can absolutely donate cat toys that have been used, provided they meet specific criteria. Used playthings can come from your home; however, they need to be clean and undamaged. This is a great time to clear out your kitty's toy box and give away any goodies that your finicky feline just doesn't care for.

Homemade cat toys are a great option if you're the crafty sort. You can make just about anything – from crocheted balls to paper towel roll skitter toys. Just be certain that you're familiar with your rescue's requirements, as they may prefer items that don't jingle, crinkle, or contain specific types of materials.

Step Four: Give Out Your Cat Toy Donations

This is the final step. Once you have all of your information gathered and your toys in hand, it's time to make your donations. If you opted to fulfill a wish list request, you may only need to place an online order and wait for the items to be delivered.

If you've opted to donate cat toys you have on hand, you have two options: shipping and in-person drop-offs. In either instance, speak with a rescue representative to get an appropriate address. If you're meeting in person, also be sure to set up an appointment for meeting, or at least ask for an appropriate time to swing by. As with anything else, if you're not familiar with the group, be respectful of them and their time, and be safe during your encounter. Also, if they have kitties on the premises... maybe ask if you can offer them the toys yourself. Or not... up to you!


If you want to donate cat toys to a worthy organization, that is a marvelous thing. The whole process is relatively simple if you follow the steps above. And remember, cat toys aren't the only thing rescues need... so be sure to keep an eye out for any other items to donate or opportunities where you can help!

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