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Earth-Friendly Feline Roundup

Earth-Friendly Feline Roundup - Cats Will Play

Taking care of our planet is important, and although we adore our fuzzy little friends, studies suggest that keeping a pet can be problematic for the earth – I mean, think of all of that litter that gets dumped! But as a loving and responsible pet owner, there are plenty of things that you can do to reduce kitty's footprint – or, rather, paw print. In this useful little roundup, you'll find a number of ways that you and your adorable feline can make the world a better place, one corn husk mouse toy at a time!

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General Information

7 Green Living Tips When Raising Your Feline Friend
Source: TofuKitty Club
Getting kitty to go green can seem like an overwhelming prospect. There is just so much to do! This article, though, will take some of the stress out of it, as it offers an in-depth description of what you can do to help make your mean, green kitty go totally clean!

Cat Litter

Are There Eco-Friendly Cat Litter Disposal Options?
Source: PetMD
Finding a decent earth-friendly cat litter can be tough, but there are plenty of reasons why you might want to consider it. In this article, you'll find out why using an alternative to the traditional clay options is so important – not just for the planet, but for you and your kitty friends.

What Are the Most Ecofriendly Cat Litter Products on the Market?
Source: Scientific American
This snappy article discusses the numerous green cat litter options on the market, as well as your choices concerning homemade cat litter. Additionally, it describes the many reasons why you would want to switch over, and also touches on the pros and cons of each alternative.

The 7 Best Natural & Eco-Friendly Cat Litters
Source: Feline Culture
It's all well and good to know the intricacies of earth-friendly cat litter, but what if you just want a quick guide featuring the best on the market? If that's what you're looking for, then this link will make finding the perfect biodegradable litter simple.

Cat Toys

Keep your cat safe with these eco-friendly cat toys
Source: inhabitat
Earth-friendly cat toys are becoming more popular every day – and why wouldn't they be? After all, they are good for your cat, and they're less damaging for the planet. If you need more persuading, however, give this quick article a read, as it will give you all the convincing that you require!Cat

3 Ways To Go Green With Recycled DIY Cat Toys
Source: CatGazette
If you're a crafty individual, then you can absolutely make your own DIY cat toys out of recycled materials. So long as you use feline-safe materials, you will not only reduce your footprint, you'll also give your cat something novel to play with, and all while flexing your own creative muscles. This simple article will get you off to a good start!

Top Ten Best Eco-Friendly Cat Toys
Source: Cats Will Play
So you want to save the planet but you're not really all that into do-it-yourself. No problem! This article offers ten fantastic, pre-assembled, options. These choices are pretty varied, so you will no doubt find something to please even the most discerning green feline!

Cat Food

How green is your cat’s food?
Source: Grist
If you're just itching to know the ins and out of eco-friendly cat food, then this intriguing Q&A will help answer some of your most pressing questions. Even if it doesn't quite guide you to your new favorite kitty chow, you'll certainly be left with a respectable understanding of what makes for a sustainable choice.

8 Ethical & Eco-Friendly Cat Foods
Source: Fluffy Kitty
The waters can be a little murky when it comes to earth-friendly cat food, but this article helps to demystify it in the most simple, easy-to-read manner possible. Not to mention the fact that it provides some pretty solid cat food reviews.

Making Cat Food
If you are so inclined – and, of course, have the time – you might want to consider making your own cat food using sustainable ingredients. Although this is an excellent, earth-friendly, option, creating nutritionally balanced meals can be tricky. This article can help with that!


We all know that our big, beautiful planet is important, and that we absolutely must take care of it. Unfortunately, our equally big, beautiful cats can be a thorny issue in regards to eco-friendliness. They don't have to be, though. With a few simple tweaks, you and your feline friend can do your part in saving our magnificent earth!

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