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Top Ten Best Eco-Friendly Cat Toys

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We want to leave the earth a healthier place for our families - kitties included. But what's something you can do, as a pet owner, that will help reduce the footprint of both you and your feline friend? There are plenty of things, but we're only going to focus on one right now: toys! Today, we will look into ten of the best Eco-friendly cat toys on the market right now.

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Top Ten Best Eco-Friendly Cat Toys

Catit Eco Terra Natural Cornhusk and Raffia Cat Toys

Catit has a reputation for making some pretty innovative stuff, and their Eco-friendly cat toys are no exception. This unique take on the traditional mouse toy is made up of natural corn husk and raffia – an interesting material made from the fibers of raffia palm leaves. Both of these light materials are biodegradable and recyclable, meaning that they're a sound option for earth-conscious cat lovers. Despite their relatively petite size, these funky little mice have a reasonable amount of heft, making them great for kitties who like to catch, and also boast enough catnip to keep your wee furry pal interested.

Friendsheep Eco Wool Pet Toy Ball

These fuzzy little ball toys may look simple, but they're made of materials that are both earth-friendly and enticing. The balls are made up of a cruelty-free wool material, are shaped using water and vegetable soap, and are colored with non-toxic dyes. One of the neat things about wool toys is that they have a unique olfactory element to them. For some cats, the scent of lanolin – a waxy substance that is secreted from a sheep's skin in order to keep its wool conditioned – is absolutely irresistible. Some think it's because the odor reminds them of their mothers, which explains a sort of kitten-like reaction some felines have, while others think it's simply because it smells like... well... a delicious animal. Either way, despite the simpleness of this item, your kitty is likely to get a surprisingly big kick out of it.

RC Pet Toys Wooly Wonkz Safari Toy

Like those fancy little balls above, these Eco-friendly cat toys are made up of 100% natural wool. Unlike the balls, however, they offer a slightly more unique playtime experience. These interesting little playthings are shaped into soft, springy coils that can be unraveled and manhandled, caught or drug around the house. Really, whatever sort of mischief your clever little friend prefers. And while your kitty is having a good time with this number, you can feel pretty good about it yourself, as the materials are both non-toxic and renewable. So everyone wins!

Juccini Assorted Wool Cat Toys

Love the idea of a traditional cat toy, but would rather avoid the crinkliness of raffia and corn husk? Not a problem! These funky, brightly-hued playthings are made up of... you guessed it... wool! And why not? Wool is attractive to your kitty, is a renewable material in the right hands, and is safe for your feline to play with. In addition to the myriad benefits that come along with these particular stuffed critters, they also boast quite a bit of variety - coming in different sizes and formats - making it less likely that your kitty will get bored.

Catit Eco Terra Natural Linen Ball on a Stick Toy

All right... let's step away from wool for a moment, shall we? Now, when looking into Eco-friendly cat toys, you may hesitate to step away from some of the more traditional items, and with this lovely little option, you don't have to. This thing looks and acts just like all the teaser toys you've used in the past, but it's made of soft and oh-so biodegradable linen – plus Catit reduces their footprint by using recycled packaging. And, of course, keeping with tradition, this teaser comes with the requisite catnip... so none of the joys will be lost from going green!

Dezi & Roo Hide and Sneak Collapsible Paper Cat Tunnel

If you've spent any time here, you know how much I love cat tunnels. These things are the absolute best. Although many of these tunnels stand up for a long time – so you're not consuming a ton of material in general – they're not exactly the most earth-friendly options. If you love the idea of a tunnel toy, but prefer to keep things green, this fun little contraption bridges the gap. Made up of durable paper, it is recyclable, meaning that once your kitty has shredded it, it won't spend a lifetime moldering in a landfill. In addition to being environmentally sound, this tunnel has some other handy benefits. For instance, its foldable design makes it easy to store and move around, while its catnip infusion will help to grab your cat's attention.

HIPIPET Cardboard Cat Scratcher Lounge

No Eco-friendly cat toys article would be complete without a scratcher, and this neat little contraption is an exceptional option! Let's start with the Eco part. To begin, the scratchers – made of a thick, sturdy, non-toxic cardboard – are constructed with recycled material. And to finish, the cardboard, once thoroughly mauled by your furry little pal, can be recycled again. Now let's quickly discuss the toy itself. This thing includes three individually-sized, solid scratcher pieces that are both reversible and totally configurable, making them prime for strategic toy placement. Pretty nifty, huh?

LECWAY Scratcher Cat Toy With Balls

So maybe a simple scratcher isn't enough. That's all right. We all love a good multi-purpose gadget, and why shouldn't your kitty? If you want something that'll see a little more action than a simple scratching post, this toy will be right up your alley! There is, of course, the environmentally-friendly corrugated paper material scratching pad, which can be recycled once the games have ended. Hidden within that pad, though, is a simple but oh-so-fun puzzle toy. Small holes are spread across the top of the toy and reveal jingly balls that can be chased, pushed and generally harassed. One of the neatest things about this puzzle is that you can easily remove the jingle balls and replace them with your kitty's favorite toys or treats.

MEOWFIA Premium Felt Cat Cave

Eco-friendly cat toys aren't all about the high-speed action of balls and teasers and scratchers. Oh no! Sometimes playtime needs to be a bit more mellow, and thus, one simply must have a cave for casual amusements. These incredible cat beds are made from environmentally-sound 100% Merino wool. Not only are they safe for the earth, they're also safe for your household, as they are free of synthetic compounds and chemicals, as well as being naturally antibacterial and simple to clean. Given the flexibility of this cave, it can easily be moved around and made to fit into just about any space, and can also be used as a simple play or nap mat.

Petlinks Garden Rowdy Raven Catnip Cat Toy

If your kitty is a hunter or a kicker, then this toy may very well thrill him to pieces. For this particular plaything, the Eco-friendliness actually lends to how it ultimately functions. So... what does that mean, exactly? Well, if your kitty aggressively kicks or bites his toys, it needs to be able to stand up to all of his sharp, pointy bits. The sustainable, highly bio-degradable burlap material of this toy is not only fine for the environment, but also sturdy enough to withstand a lot of harassment. If your cat is an herbal aficionado, the chemical and pesticide-free catnip will be good for both him and the planet. Finally, and admittedly this has less to do with playability, this toy is stuffed with a poly fill made of recycled plastic. So all in all, this fun little gizmo is a great option for everyone!


We all know how important it is to keep our earth safe, but just because you want to stay green, it doesn't mean kitty's playtime has to suffer. With Eco-friendly cat toys like these, you can feel confident that your buddy's having a great time, and that you're doing your part for the planet!

So what do you and your feline friend do to help the planet? Let us know in the comments!

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