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Sleeping in Style: Fancy Cat Beds Review

Sleeping in Style: Fancy Cat Beds Review

Just because you have a house full of cats doesn't mean that your home can't still be stylish. Unlike traditional kitty-oriented furniture, fancy cat beds have a multitude of purposes. To start, they provide your feline friend with a comfortable spot to rest, a place to play, and a comforting spot to hide. However, these classier pieces also serve to beautify a home, as well as reflect your personality. Today, we will be looking at a few beds that will hopefully inspire you to pretty up your cat's humdrum decor!

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Fhasso Luxury Cat Bed


Simple, beautiful, and totally cozy, the Fhasso Luxury cat bed bed is pretty fancy when it comes right down to it. Made up of an earth-friendly materials, neutral colors, and soft plushy cushions, this bed will likely fit into pretty much any decor. It measures at around 13.8"x17.8", and is made of natural bamboo and velvety cushioning

  • Eco-Friendly materials
  • Machine washable bedding
  • Works well for larger cats, or for multiple smaller kitties
  • Colors are attractive, but limited
  • Not ideal for multiple large-sized cats
  • The soft cushion and slick sides of this bed may mean that your kitty may wind up slipping around before finding a comfortable spot
Final Thoughts

All-in-all, this particular bed is a wonderful option. In fact, there's very little bad to be said about it. The design is attractive and understated, the material is durable and can eco-friendly, and the bedding and smaller size makes it delightfully cozy. Depending on your definition of "fancy," however, you might be a little underwhelmed by the color options.

The Refined Feline A-Frame Scratcher Bed


Perhaps you're the bookish sort. Maybe your cat is, also. If so, this particular fancy cat bed will likely be just the right kind of fancy for you - I mean... does it not beg... does it not scream... does it not demand, entreat, insist on being placed into a private library or study? ...Cough... er... Well, I think it does, anyway. With a unique A-frame design and deep espresso color, this particular item has a certain stylish, refined quality that would actually work well in just about any room.

What makes this piece especially interesting is that it has three distinct uses. To start, of course, it works as a cozy bed, with its snug enclosure and plushy cushion. Second, the outside wall boasts a sizable sisal scratching pad. Finally, this bed can be placed nearly anywhere in the room, but it fits especially well beside a couch, where it also acts as an end table. As far as fancy cat beds go, that's not too shabby, huh? The whole thing measures at around 23.5"x28"x"15, while the scratch board comes in close to 20"x20", and the cushion comes to 11.5"x23.5"x1".

  • Simple yet stylish design
  • Still usable even if your cat hates it
  • Durable construction
  • Assembly can be a bit tricky, and directions may be hard to follow
  • It may take some coaxing or catnip to get your cat interested, as this pretty much just looks like another piece of furniture
  • May be a little too small for multiple cats
Final Thoughts

To my eye, this is a very classy-looking piece. It's also quite sturdy overall, and plays a number of really useful roles. On the downside, though, assembly might be a bit of a pain, as the directions seem a little unclear.

PawHut Wicker Elevated Cat Bed


Shapely, unique, and seemingly from another era, this old-fashioned yet modern design is both fancy and funky. Made up of a sturdy wire frame, and non-toxic PVC wicker, it is able to withstand all of your cat's playful pointiness, meaning that in addition to being a comfy bed and statement piece, it can also be a pretty handy scratcher and playhouse all on its own. The included cushion is soft, plushy and machine washable. The overall dimensions for this bed are 15.75"x15.75"x27.5".

  • Sturdy material that can stand up to all your kitty's sharp bits
  • Breathable construction
  • Comfortably fits a larger cat, or a couple smaller ones
  • Because of its size, it may not be suitable for smaller living areas
  • Though pretty fancy, the style may be a bit too kitschy for some
  • Color options are very limited
Final Thoughts

Overall, this is a great option, as it provides a slightly elevated, comfy space for your kitty, and also acts as a cool-looking piece of furniture. The downside of this piece, though, is that it may not fit every space, nor will it likely suit every taste.

PETMAKER Pet House Ottoman


By now, you probably know that I love anything dual purpose. This fancy cat bed absolutely fits that bill, and to top it off, it's also pretty sharp-looking. Made up of lovely faux leather and cushy padding, this bed doubles as an ottoman, which allows it to blend seamlessly into pretty much any decor. This cube-shaped contraption measures 15"x15"x15", and folds up to the size of 3.5", which means you can take this thing just about anywhere!

  • Subtle enough not to scream "CAT BED!"
  • Made of very durable material
  • Low maintenance
  • May be a bit on the small side for larger cats
  • The faux leather may have a mild scent
  • A bit heavy - weighing around 6 pounds - so you will stub your toe on it
Final Thoughts

This particular piece blends pretty well and will likely be able to fit into just about any home decor. It also serves a lot of functions - from cat bed, to storage unit, to additional sitting space - so even if your kitty isn't a fan, it could still be put to good use. Unfortunately, this item is a bit small on the inside, which may make it a tight squeeze for larger cats.

Paws & Purrs Modern Pet Sofa


All right, so I may be toeing the line between fancy cat beds and farcical cat beds on this one, but come on... what could be fancier than a miniature replica of your own sofa? But all hilarity aside, this piece of actual, honest-to-everything, furniture is a beautiful thing. Made up of a creamy neutral-colored upholstery, and soft, thick foam cushions, this very modern cat bed will fit in perfectly with most decors. The overall size of this couch measures 31.5"x19.5"x15.5", while the seat itself is around 25.5" wide and 17" deep.

  • Excellent for multiple cats
  • Seat cushion is zippered on, meaning you can easily remove it for washing
  • Really excellent quality
  • May be a bit too large for smaller living spaces
  • Light color can stain fairly easily or quickly accumulate dark-colored fur
  • This piece is comparatively quite heavy, weighing around 18 pounds
Final Thoughts

This has to be my very favorite thing. I can't deny it. It's a tiny couch... a tiny, wee couch for my tiny, wee kitties. Eeeeeh! Ahem... you'll have to pardon me. I must remain professional about this. As you can tell, this particular item truly is a miniature piece of furniture. It is well made, and can withstand a good deal of use, which, as you know, is hugely important when it comes to pets. It is also pretty aesthetically pleasing, and can fit as-is in most spaces. On the downside, it is a bit large for smaller areas, and may be tricky to keep clean due to its light upholstery. That said, you may find that you need to get a little creative with homemade slipcovers or protective blankets.


There are all sorts of fancy cat beds on the market, and why not? When it comes down to it, just because you have a pet, it doesn't mean that your home has to be covered in garish colors or wild pet-themed patterns. Nope. You can keep both your cat and your classy home!

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