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Gifts for Cat Lovers: A Helpful Guide

Gifts for Cat Lovers A Helpful Guide - Cats Will Play - Image by Gundula Vogel via Pixabay

Whether your nearest and dearest just brought home a new kitten, or they have been a feline aficionado for years, chances are they simply cannot get enough of their fuzzy little friends. That said, when it comes to gift-giving, offering up some kitty-themed goodies is usually a decent bet. But with an almost endless array of options on the market, buying gifts for cat lovers can seem a tad daunting. So to help ease some of the “too many options to pick” stress, we've put together this snappy little resource.

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The Best Gifts for Cat People: Part One

Generally, the neatest gifts for cat lovers are actually for... well... their cats. In this guide, we discuss some of the best presents you can get for a cat, and thus, the cat lover. There are also plenty of examples to help get you on the right path.

The Best Gifts for Cat People: Part Two

If your cat person already has a veritable glut of cat toys and gadgets, then you'll want to focus your attention on the person themself. In this guide, we talk about feline-themed items that would make for some fantastic gifts and, again, offer plenty of great suggestions.

Playtime for All: Cat Toys for People

Gifts for cat lovers should be fun, and if your kitty-crazy companion likes a good time, then this guide might be right of their alley. In this article, we look into a handful of really unique offerings that range from goofy to functional, cuddly to interactive.

The Top 9 Weirdest Gifts for Cat People

A lot of cat people presents tend toward the serious – for instance, books about rescues, grooming supplies, etc. – but the items in this list are a little less... earnest. In fact, they're downright weird – but in the best possible way. If your cat lover is a touch on the eccentric side, then this guide is for them!

Cool Books for Brilliant Cat Lovers

Like our feline friends, cat loving folks tend to be on the brilliant side, and as such, many feline-inclined people like books. If your particular person is a fan of both cats and books, then they would surely appreciate just about any of the offerings in this guide.

How to Donate Cat Toys to Rescues and Shelters

Now that you have all of your kitties, friends, and loved ones all set up, why not consider giving a gift to a worthy cat rescue? In this article, we look into some great ways to donate gifts to your favorite cat rescue groups.


There are plenty of options when it comes to gifts for cat lovers, and hopefully, with our humble little guide, you will have found something to make your favorite feline-loving friend smile!

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