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The Best Gifts for Cat People: Part One

Gifts for Cat People Part 1

Buying gifts for cat people is both easy and hard. Easy because, hey... cat toys! Hard because, well... cat toys. I mean, chances are they already have a house full of them, so a quick trip to the pet supply store is unlikely to yield anything overly exciting. So in part one of this short series, we'll look into a few unique options that will satisfy both your beloved cat person, and their kitty companion.

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Start Simple

All right, so this option doesn't necessarily fit into the "unique" category; however, if you're thinking of buying for a new cat owner or simply want to offer them a lot of variety, play sets are one of the best gifts for cat people. These sets can range from small and simple, to large and elaborate. Smaller options will typically come with basic toys, like crinkle balls and stuffed mice. Larger kits will usually include the same items as their smaller counterparts, but may also include teaser wands, catnip packets, and scratcher toys.


Youngever Cat Toys Assortment

This massive 24 piece set comes with a little bit of everything. It includes a little bit of everything, from a teaser toy to bell balls, tumbler toys to plushies, as well as several crinkle balls and scratchers. Additionally, this set includes a small two way tunnel - which, by now, you know I love! Though this all may seem fairly simple, if your cat friend has a new kitty, this present will really help them get their play time well established. If, on the other hand, they have been with their feline for some time, this will help them inject something new into the rotation - which is always useful!

Pros: This set is quite varied.
Cons: Your cat lover may already have some similar toys on hand.

Food and Felines

Let's face it... us crazy cat people are classy. We enjoy the finer things, like wine and cheese, maybe a bit of sushi now and then. So why shouldn't our cats? Er... all right, you don't want to give your cat person's pet any of those things. Don't do it. But what you can do is give them the gift of wine bottle kicker toys, catnip and crinkle-infused figs or maki rolls, and bell filled olives or nigiri. Maybe I'm sounding a little like a crazy person here, but bear with me. Food-themed gifts for cat people are a unique option, as they are fun, visually delightful, and often appeal to people with a quirkier sense of style.


munchiecat Wine and Cheese Toys for Cats

Munchiecat toys are, frankly, very cool. Made up of classy, food-themed toys, these items are quite unique. The Wine and cheese variety is sophisticatedly neutral and includes a few different plushy wedges of cheese, and a large kicker toy wine bottle. Each toy is different, some containing catnip, while others have bells or crinkle paper.

Pros: These sets are funky, colorful, and fun for everybody in the house.
Cons: If your pal's cat isn't big into jingly, scrunchy, or catnip-infused, they'll likely only be enjoyed by the humans of the house.

Cascading Gifts

Gifts for cat people needn't be confined solely to toys. Although toys are a good bet, there are plenty of other things a kitty needs to be happy. For instance, our furry little companions
need - no, demand - fresh, cool water. Preferably from an ever-moving source. That being
the case, an attractive, functional pet fountain may just be a great gift idea!


PetSafe Drinkwell Multi-Tier Pet Water Fountain

The PetSafe Drinkwell Multi-Tier Pet Fountain is an excellent option for your cat-loving friend. For starters, it has a simple design that would blend well with any decor. Next, it is multi-leveled, has a decent water capacity, and comes with a charcoal filter. The upper level is great for older or arthritic cats, while the constantly moving stream ensures that the water stays fresh, clean, and free of any unfortunate odors. This useful little contraption is made of BPA-free plastic and doesn't consume a ton of power.

Pros: Quiet, easy to clean, and fits well into any home.
Cons: Some cats may not be overly comfortable with the moving water, and certain parts - such as the filter - need to be periodically replaced.

Interactive Meals

All right, so water is a big deal, but so is mealtime. Sure, you could give a cute, colorful bowl as a gift. But why not give something a little more fun? Interactive cat bowls are not only useful, but also provide quite a few benefits. For instance, they encourage play and exercise in what might otherwise be a sedentary lifestyle. They reduce bad habits like rapid eating, boredom-induced destructiveness, and night waking. Overall, interactive feeders make a great gift because they benefit both the cat and the owner.


Doc & Phoebe's Indoor Hunting Cat Feeder

Doc & Phoebe's Interactive Indoor Hunting Cat Feeder is a pretty great option. Made up of five small mouse-shaped feeders, these unique bowls are meant to be filled and placed throughout the house. They are made of BPA-free plastic that can be washed in a dishwasher, and a "skin" that is made of Nylon and Rayon fibers that are washing machine-safe. What is great about this particular feeder is that it not only provides mental stimulation, but is also supposed to stoke that all-important hunting instinct, all while keeping kitty full and happy throughout the day. The whole package comes with five feeders and five skins, one trainer, and a perfectly sized scoop.

Pros: Keeps cats entertained and fed, and easy to care for.
Cons: Portion sizes may not be appropriate for your cat, and it may be difficult to get an easily bored cat interested.

High-Tech Fun

If your cat person is an electronics enthusiast, or if they're just out of the house a lot, they may enjoy a more high-tech option. One such option is an interactive pet monitor. These devices allow a pet owner to check in on their companions by way of a well-placed camera that syncs up with their smart phone. One of the coolest things about these monitors is that they are multi-purpose, some of them boasting laser toys that can be controlled via smart phone, while others allow the user to release treats at will.


Petcube Bites Wi-Fi Pet Camera with Treat Dispenser

The Petcube Bites Treat Camera is a very useful little device. Not only can the user peek at their kitty throughout the day, they can also dispense treats and speak to them through two-way audio. This particular monitor also boasts night-vision, making it easy to spy on their pet whenever they feel compelled. The camera itself is HD, while the free viewing app works with either Android or iPhones. The dispenser works with most dry treats, and depending upon the size, will fling anywhere from one to five pieces at a time.

Pros: Reduces separation anxiety (yes, cats feel it too), and simple to use once set up.
Cons: Initial setup can be tricky, and it is not usable with older phones.

Kitty on the Go

Instead of watching from afar, perhaps your cat-loving pal would prefer to just take their kitty with them. Carriers have been on the market for years; however, stylish, functional backpack carriers are becoming very popular, and with good reason. Unlike their more commonplace counterparts, these bags are both highly usable and very stylish. Furthermore, they are often made with much larger viewing ports, making it easier for the kitty inside to see out, which may help reduce stress.


Blitzwolf Anzone Space Capsule Backpack Pet Carrier

All right... I'm not going to lie. The Anzone Pet Portable Carrier Space Capsule Backpack is freaking cool! I need three of these... and a couple of extra backs so I can use them all at once. Aesthetically, this funky backpack is very unique, boasting a a sizable, port-style transparent window, and a brightly-colored, sturdy polycarbonate outer shell. The backpack is made with breathable material, comes with a cushy velvet pad, and bears plenty of vents, ensuring comfort and safety. Furthermore, the shoulder straps are "S" shaped and the back is padded, which helps to relieve spinal pressure of the user.

Pros: Fun, attractive, functional and solid, and can be used for things other than pets.
Cons: May be a bit overwhelming for cats who prefer the indoors, and it's not meant for cats over 10 pounds.

Everyone Likes a Nap

As with toys, you simply cannot go wrong with cat beds. This is another item that your friend may have in droves; however, let's be fair... no cat can have enough comfortable places for a quick snooze. Furthermore, if you manage to find something that is unique - either in appearance or function - you can take a humdrum item and make it exciting. Though the most common types of beds are small, cushioned rings or pads, there are more unusual options that are made up of interesting materials, come in a variety of shapes, or can be used as both a bed and a play mat.


MEOWFIA Premium Cat Cave

The Meowfia Premium Cat Bed Cave is an absolutely beautiful piece of soft furniture. These handcrafted pieces are felted with 100% natural wool, and carefully molded into a cozy cave shape. These beds are multi-functional as they can be used as a perfect hiding spot, and be comfortably laid on top of. They are easy to move to any room of the house, simple to shape and re-shape as needed, and large enough for any size of cat.

Pros: Comfy, versatile, soft, and totally unique.
Cons: May have a strong wool smell initially.


One of the simplest gifts for cat people is a gift for... well, the cat. The thing is, we just adore our kitties... we can't stop watching them play, we feel warm and fuzzy hearing them purr as they nap, we dearly want to take them places, and we even love to hear them crunching their food and slurping their water. We're weird... I admit it. But, really, pretty easy to buy for, if you think about it!

Still not convinced toys are the way to go? Then check out Part Two of this series!

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