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The Best Gifts for Cat People: Part Two

Gifts for Cat People Part 2

In Part One of the Gifts for Cat People series, we looked into the simplest, surest options - cat toys. Although gifts that go directly to the kitty are a good bet, we cat people like to have things of our very own, too. So today, we are going to look into some fun, and occasionally funky, kitty-themed ideas that your feline-loving companions can keep just for themselves.

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Personal Care

Like our feline friends, we're pretty meticulous when it comes to personal care. That being said, it makes sense that there are plenty of cat-themed options on the market. These items range from soaps to makeup, grooming accessories to face masks.


Greenwich Bay Trading Company Kitty Cat Soap Set

Greenwich Bay Trading Company makes some pretty fantastic products, and The Cat in a Hat soap is no exception. As the name implies, these handsome pieces are carved into the shape of dapper kitties in bow ties. The bars contain softening Shea butter, and come in three scents: Pretty Kitty-Passion Flower, Precious Kitty- Morocco, and Bad Kitty-African Violet. In addition to the lovely soap, these soaps come in vividly-designed boxes.

Cute Cat Hair Brush

This darling hair brush makes for a brilliant gift for the well-groomed cat enthusiast in your life. Beautifully printed, this lightweight detangling hair brush is made for either wet or dry use, and is ideal for all hair types - from the sleekest straight hair to the most brilliant curls. This brush features a variety of super cute kitties, an easy-to-grip handle, and a ventilated base.

Adecco 5-Pack Cat Ear Hairband

The cat's hair may be everywhere, but when you're trying to scrub your face, you certainly don't want yours to be. That's where Adecco's Cat Ears Headbands come in. These adorable yet simple bands are made up of stretchy elastic and delightfully soft material. Why are they great gifts for cat people? Giant cat ears, of course! After all, who amongst us doesn't feel more beautiful when we match our kitties? Er... I think I just let my internal crazy cat lady show a little!

Cartoon Cat Travel Cosmetic Bag

Adorable, tasteful, and decorated with a group of classy cats. Oh... and did I mention functional? Though technically a makeup case, this bag is pretty deep, and can handle all sorts of toiletries. It features a handy item zippered net pouch, three internal pockets, and four elastic bags. And did I mention that it is freakin' adorable? Because it is. I said it!


As if it weren't enough to have a house cat beautifying our homes, most of us cat people also appreciate a bit of kitty-styled decoration. Household and decor items can range from umbrella stands to pillows, soap dispensers to dishware.


Cat Glass Mug and Tea Strainer

Is your cat person also a tea fanatic or coffee aficionado? Are they always on the go? Do they like showing off their fascination with all things cat? Then this funky little infuser mug might just be right up their alley! This feline-themed travel mug comes with a heat-safe glass body, removable stainless steel strainer, and a handy lid.

Fred & Friends FUNNY SIDE UP Silicone Cat Egg Mold

Breakfast and cats... has there ever been a more classic combination? Well... actually... probably, yeah. But never mind! Who wouldn't love a kitty-themed breakfast? And there's no better, or easier, way to prepare such a delectable delight than with a a funny, funky silicone egg mold. This mold features a sweet cat-faced mold that is simple to use, and made of good, BPA-free silicone.

Pizza Space Cat Blanket

Kitty in space pigging out? Oh yes! This goofy and incredibly colorful blanket may look like a novelty, but it's actually pretty usable. Large and lightweight, this gift is made up of micro mink fleece at the front, and Lambswool Sherpa Fleece on the back. It's machine washable and a sizable 58 inches wide by 80 inches long.

FORTREE Peek-A-Boo Cats Coat Hooks

When any cat-lover comes home, the first thing they want to do is drop their coat and play with their kitty. But sometimes kitty is too busy napping. What's a good remedy for this? Why, a peek-a-boo cat coat hanger, of course. Not only does it serve as a nice spot for hanging coats - and just about anything else, really - but it may also satisfy that urge to play. Well... you know... at least until the cat wakes up.


In line with regular housewares, crazy cat people often can't resist a nice piece of kitty-themed art. Some may want fine art, others will like something more abstract; some may prefer a beautifully painted portrait, while others will like delicately-detailed statues. In many cases, cat-based art is quite colorful, and usually created with a humorous slant; however, there are still plenty of pieces available to appeal to a more refined audience.


"Be Yourself" Vintage Dictionary Art Print

Vintage Book Art Co. creates some very cool pieces, and this "Be Yourself" cat print is just one of many. This interesting piece features an adorable bespectacled tabby, printed over an authentic mid-1900s dictionary page. Every print is a one-of-a-kind, and measures 8x10, making them easy to frame and hang.

Wooden Geometric Cat Wall Art

Simple, elegant, and attractive, this wall sculpture is certain to appeal to the cat person with a flair for home decorating. This particular piece is laser cut and made of wood by a small, sustainable workshop in Costa Mesa, California. These sculptures are reversible and measure 23"x 19"x 0.25".

Hand Painted Cat Portrait Ornament

No matter the person receiving the gift, nor the type of animal they happen to love, personalized gifts are always a great option. These sweet ornaments are certain to be a hit, as they are handmade, one-of-a-kind, and feature a beautifully painted recreation of your cat person's special feline!

All You Need Is Love & A Cat Burlap Print

Rustic and pretty, this "Love and a Cat..." print is a simple piece that can fit into just about any household. This piece is handmade and made of real burlap. The frame is not included; however, because of the simplicity of the design, it should be easy to find a frame that will match both the print and your home.

Electronic Accessories

Given that we're pretty much all obsessed with our cellphones and computers, I'm certain you can sympathize with the desire to make these items unique. Accessorizing is nothing new, but for the cat person in your life, kitty-themed items will likely go over pretty big. Items in this category can be anything from cellphone covers to headphones, laptop shell covers to mouse pads.


Cat Paw Mouse Pad with Wrist Support

So if you use any sort of non-smart phone computer, you need a mouse pad. The more ergonomic the better. And if you happen to be crazy about cats, it really should have a particular... ahem... motif. This cute cat paw mouse pad ticks off pretty much every box. It is a fairly sizable item, giving the user plenty of space to work with. It is made up a soft silicone material, making it infinitely more comfortable that a traditional pad. And look... kitty toes!

Yoobao Portable Lucky Cat Charger

When you're away from home and need your cellphone, it's pretty bloody frustrating to find that faltering final bar on your battery. I mean... if your phone dies, how are you going to get a picture of that wee kitten in your neighbor's yard? Not to mention... you know... all the missed calls. ...Anyway, this portable phone charger could certainly save the day, and will do it with the power of a charming white, yellow and red Lucky Cat! And also a powerful Li-ion battery. This power bank charges and recharges fairly quickly, can be connected to two devices at the same time, and comes with a handy built-in flashlight.

Cat-Shaped Grip Socket Kick Stand

If your cat person tends to have slippery fingers, or simply needs a cool kickstand for their cellphone, this handy-dandy little device might be just the thing! This small, attractive trinket is meant to be attached to the back of smooth, non-textured phones and cases. It is magnetic, so it attaches to car vent holders, while the ring makes it easy to hang the phone from hooks, branches, fingers... whatever you need to hang it from, really. Furthermore, the ring doubles as a stand. Finally, this sweet little kitty-shaped contraption is universal, and works with both smart phones and tablets.

Cool Cat Laptop Messenger Bag

Any list of electronic accessory gifts for cat people (that was a breath and half) would not be complete without a coo and stylish laptop bag. This bag is just freakin' neat. I mean, who wouldn't love a vintage, sunglass-wearing kitten! But aesthetics aside, this bag is pretty sturdy, being waterproof and breathable; functional, having multiple compartments and pockets; and comfortable, being made of a soft, lightweight Neoprene material, and having adjustable shoulder straps.

Games and Toys

No matter how old you get, you never really get over your love for games and toys. Thankfully, there are plenty of kitty-inspired playthings on the market, so your options are pretty much limitless. Gifts can include anything from card games to huggable stuffed cats, thought-provoking puzzles to action figures.


Paperraz DIY 3D Cat Sculpture Puzzle

Decorative, fun, and functional, this Paperraz 3-D cat scuplture would be a great choice if your kitty loving companion is also a puzzle fanatic. Made from an pre-cut, pre-folded cardboard material, this unique little contraption comes with all the pieces needed to build a stylish sitting kitty. Once built, this piece doubles as a fun and attractive home decoration.

The Cat Game

The Cat Game is technically a board game; however, the method of play seems a bit more complex. In this game you are required to draw cards, pick pieces, sketch, and make outlandish guesses over strange clues. Great for parties or just between you and your cat person, this interesting board game will likely provide all of the enjoyment with none of the frustration of some of those other board games on the market (I don't think I need to name names here)!

Stealing Coin Cat Bank

Piggy banks are dull. But a coin-thieving kitty bank? Well! That's a beautiful thing! This fun little money-saving contraption is pretty simple: just press any coin onto the dish, and up pops the meowing feline to stash away the excess change. This toy runs on 2 AA batteries, and the coins are easily retrieved through a small screw cap on the bottom.

Original Cat Lady Game

The AEG Cat Lady Board Game is cute, fun, and very re-playable. This delightful little game is good for players of any age, and simply covered in beautiful artwork. Although it is labeled as a board game, it's really more of a card game. Cards are drafted three at a time, and players collect food, goodies, and, of course, cats. In the end, the player with the most points wins. The rules are simple and the game itself is quite short; however, because of the ease of play, this game will likely be enjoyed over and over again!


Jewelry always makes for a great present, but when searching for the best gift for a cat person, feline pieces are doubly great! When going this route, it really will depend on the sort of thing your friend is into. Do they like classic pieces like necklaces or watches, or would they prefer something more uncommon, like toe rings or anklets? Is their style old-fashioned? Cute? Creative? Regardless of their personal aesthetic, there are plenty of cat-themed pieces available!


Playful Black Cat Cufflinks

If your dapper cat lover is the suit-wearing sort, then cufflinks are essential! These simple Oakmont cufflinks are a blend of classy and quirky, and nicely finish off just about any suit. These durable little pieces are handcrafted, made from a silver-plated steel, and bear a glass dome that features a beautiful black cat silhouette.

Black Cat Cameo Necklace and Earrings Jewelry Set

When it comes to buying jewelry as a gift, sets are usually a good bet. This particular set is perfect for your funky, cat crazy companion, as it features an old-fashioned black cat cameo. The pretty chain is made of 20 inches of silver-plated pewter, while the black and white resin pendantmeasures 1 and 1/4 inches long by 1 and 1/2 inches wide. The matching earrings - made of the same materials - are around 2 and 1/2 inches long by 3/4 inch wide.

Fancy Cat Tie Clip

Every bit as fancy as your cat lover, this tie clip features a charming yet serious kitty face atop a fancifully large necktie. Made up of sturdy metal, this clip is 2" wide, which will help ensure the wearer's tie stays perfectly and securely in place. This item also comes with a simple white gift box, which is pretty convenient - just wrap and go!

Cat Lady Spinner Ring

Is your friend a bit of a fidgeter? Then this ring could double as a cute piece of jewelry and a lifesaver. Made up of stainless steel and black ion-plated stainless steel, this ring features a sweet, simple cat face design, with the words "Cat Lady" scrawled on the inside. And as for the fidgety part? Well... this is a spinner ring. Made to be spun, made to keep fingers busy!


When is comes to gifts for cat people, there is surely no riper category than clothing. I mean really, no matter your pal's personal style or need, you are all but guaranteed to find something that will meet it. Clothing ranges from simple shirts and socks, to ties and hats, leggings and shoes, diaper covers and gloves. The possibilities are pretty much endless!


"I Work Hard So My Cat Can Have A Better Life" T-Shirt

T-shirts are usually a good bet as they work in any season, they're comfy, and they can be quite stylish. This particular shirt will likely appeal to most cat lovers as it expresses how most of us feel. "I Work Hard so My Cat Can Have a Better Life," pretty much says it all, doesn't it?

Cat Fight Dinosaur Laser Classic Retro T-Shirt

Dinosaurs, cats, and lasers... how can you come up with a better gift than that? This shirt is in a neat, muted retro style. It's made up of a super cozy 100% cotton material, and best of all... it has a tearaway label. So your kitty-loving friend can be both stylish and not scratching fiendishly at a hideously uncomfortable tag!

Ndoobiy Women’s Printed Leggings

Whether your cat person is also a gym enthusiast, or they simply like to be comfortable, these stretchable leggings are a great option. They feature a unique multi-cat pattern that is printed all over. They have a high waist, close fit, and are made of a very stretchy polyester/Lycra blend material.

Skechers Classy Cat Sneaker

These casual shoes are both comfortable and cute. Unlike a lot of other cat-themed clothing, these are a bit more understated, without, of course, losing the whole, "I love cats!" message. Though casual, their style is classic, what with the metal grommets, canvas-style upper, and stark-white sole. And, of course, adorably illustrated kitties!


People who love cats are a unique breed. It isn't enough just to own a cat. No, no... we have to fill our lives with all things kitty. When it comes to buying gifts for cat people, the choices can seem overwhelming, but the truth is, we're pretty easy to please. Give us something that reminds us of our fuzzy little friends, and we're thrilled to pieces. I promise!

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