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How to Calm Down a Hyper Kitten

Hyper kitten at work!

Kittens are bubbly, goofy, lively bundles of adorable! That's why we love them. But eventually, my word, can they ever get exhausting. After three solid hours of your new little friend running up and down the stairs, you may just be wondering how to calm down a hyper kitten! Though they will eventually calm down on their own, it is important to figure out how to work with them right now. Today, we will discuss some of the best ways to tame your new darling's wild behavior.

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Play Time

Play! This is probably obvious, but your precious little guy has a whole lot of excess energy to burn. That being said, it's essential to know how to channel it properly. To start, and I cannot stress this enough, hand play is out! Your fingers, and even your toes, will be incredibly enticing. Be sure to avoid allowing him to bat away at your digits. Instead, drag around a teaser, rub his belly with a soft toy to spur on a wrestling match, and encourage him to jump through toy tunnels or around cat trees.

Down Time

After a vigorous play session, however, you need to know how to put an end to the activity. Begin by slowing down – where once you were whipping his feathery fishing pole around, you will now slowly drag it on the floor. Once your kitten has begun to slow down as well, let him catch his toy. Directly afterward, feed him. He will feel as if he has successfully stalked, killed and consumed his prey. The beautiful thing about this exercise is that, having satisfied the hunting instinct, other instincts will follow. For instance, grooming and sleeping! This method is especially effective right before you are ready to go to bed. It will allow both of you some calm, cuddly, worry-free rest.

Alone Time

When you're not able to play with your kitten, it's important to provide a lot of enrichment to avoid him getting into trouble. Cat trees with plenty of perches and hiding spots are ideal, as they allow your kitty to expend some of that excess energy through jumping, scratching, and playing imaginary hunting games. Just be sure that there are several hanging toys and attachments in place. Also, ensure that the tree is very sturdy and stable for those especially vigorous moods. Tunnels, posts, and strategically placed cardboard boxes also work very well for keeping your cat entertained.

Family Time

The ways to calm down a hyper kitten aren't limited solely to play. Companionship is also important. Allowing your kitty to feel like a part of his new household is very important, not only for calming, but for boosting confidence and bonding. So next time you're working on your computer or just watching television, pull him into your lap. Some gentle stroking, a nice treat or a well-loved plush toy can help mellow the mood. This may be tricky if your tiny cat is in attack mode, so it's a good idea, initially, to try this after a play session. Over time, your kitten will start to associate your lap with happy things – namely, relaxation and affection.


When looking for how to calm down a hyper kitten, you will find a ton of suggestions. But truly, the best way to get your over-excitable little friend to slow down is tire him out, then show him some love!

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