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Kitty Phasers Locked: The Top Four Best Laser Pointer Cat Toys

Kitty Phasers Locked: The Top Four Best Laser Pointer Cat Toys

If you've ever spent any around kitties, then you are already familiar with laser cat toys. I mean... aside from balls of string, there really aren't any playthings more synonymous with playtime than a laser! Inexpensive pointers are pretty ubiquitous, but they come with a lot of drawbacks. For one, they may not be overly safe, as certain types of lasers can be dangerous for your cat's eyes. Next, they wear out so incredibly quickly. And finally, if you want your cat to have something to play with when you're not home, these pointers will fail you horribly. I mean... you know... you have to actually be there to hit the button, right? There are, however, some alternatives to traditional laser pointers, and today, we will look into a few.

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PetDroid Boltz Motion Activated Cat Laser Toy

  • Mountable laser toy, hangs from a suction cup, string, screw, or adhesive
  • Automatic, runs on a five minute timer
  • Comes with two modes for a little variety

Dimensions: 4.6"x1.6"x1.3"
Power Source: USB rechargable cattery


Basically, this toy is pretty set and forget - just hang this little contraption up, hit the button, choose the setting, then walk away. In about five minutes, the whole game will have ended, but really... unless your cat is super high energy, it's a pretty safe bet that five minutes will suffice. Although this laser pointer cat toy is awfully neat - what with the built-in hanger and motion activation sensor - it does somewhat lack in variety. There are only two modes, fast and slow, and the pattern is only a sort of zig zag. This may or may not be a real problem, though, as it's impossibly easy to move around, so once your kitty catches on to the pattern, you can change the location, thus bringing back some of the novelty.

YOFUN Self Rotating Ball Light Toy

  • Self rotating ball
  • Changes direction when it makes contact with anything, like a wall or table leg
  • Flashing laser-like LED light

Dimensions: 3"x3"x3"
Power Source: Batteries, included


Though not technically a laser pointer toy, given that the light is LED, this gadget works in a similar fashion - that is to say: a small, active light moving about the room, kicking in that prey drive! What makes this toy especially delightful is that, rather than sitting motionlessly or following a pre-determined pattern, the light will move in a more random fashion. Furthermore, the problem with most laser pointers is that your cat will never actually catch the the dot, causing a whole lot of very understandable frustration. With this fun little thing, your kitty buddy will actually be able to grab onto his prey, creating a certain level of tactile satisfaction. Ultimately, this is a great option, but it can be a bit of a pain when it comes to the batteries. For one thing, you have to install them just so, otherwise, no light. Also, the batteries may wear out quicker than with other toys.

Friends Forever Automatic Rotating Laser Pointer

  • Rotating top with three speeds
  • 15 minute self timer
  • Interesting tower and diamond-shape design

Dimensions: 8.5"x4"x4"
Power Supply: 3 AA batteries


Another set and go option, this laser pointer cat toy provides a decent amount of variation, and a relatively long playtime. A conical tower holds up a blue diamond-shaped pointer that rotates around the base, thus causing said laser beam to shoot around the room. Of course, a single setting would likely create many hours of fun, but no! This particular toy has three settings: fast, slow, and random. Although you will have to be around to keep it running indefinitely, the 15 minute timer will likely be ample for a good rollicking romp around the house. This is especially handy if you want your kitty to have a vigorous play, followed by an extended nap, just after you leave the house - I mean... play hard enough, and the nap will probably keep him busy until you get back, right? The one downside of this toy is that it can be knocked over fairly easily. This may not actually be much of a problem, though. While the laser typically only points to the floor, on its side, it'll bounce off the walls. So really, it's only an issue if you want your feline to remain floor-bound.

M JJYPET Interactive 3-in-1 Cat Red Dot Toy

  • Three lighting modes, which make this toy fun for both your cat and you
  • Long charge life
  • Bright but safe

Dimensions: 3.75" long
Power Source: USB


All right, so I know the main point of this whole to-do was to talk about some of the more hands off laser toys, but I mean... options! Options are important. And especially when the options are pretty neat. This manual laser pointer cat toy is a three-in-one affair, offering the standard red laser, as well as a UV light and LED light. The laser, of course, is for the cat, but the last two will likely make things a little more interesting for you! It boasts a "fingers free" click on button, a 100 foot indoor projection, and a decently bright bulb - not to mention the handy-dandy lanyard that's included. What makes this particular toy especially great is the USB charging option. Apparently, a full charge takes only an hour and a half, and lasts up to a week. Furthermore, it can be charged anywhere there's a USB power source... so... no more batteries! But, of course, as with any manual laser pointer, you can't really use this when you're away from the house, so that is certainly a downside.


Laser pointer cat toys are fun... I mean... even if you've never used one before, all you have to do is look up some YouTube videos. A lot of cats go crazy for them, just sayin'! But, of course, you need to keep some things in mind when deciding on what to use: Will it be safe for your cat? Will your kitty get frustrated? Will it be able to keep him occupied, even if you're not there to man it? This list is just some of my favorite options, and I hope you've been able to get some good ideas from it!

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