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Why We Should Be More Like Our Cats

Cats are amazing little beasts, and we humans can learn a lot from them.

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I often look at my little clowder and think, “Ugh! I'd love to be them.” I wish I were as funny and unreserved with my emotions as Big Cat was. I strive to be as cheerful and gentle as Miles. I long to be as bold and thoughtful as Murphy. Not to mention all the regular cat stuff, like being shockingly flexible. Point is, cats are amazing little creatures, and we humans should look to them for some ideas on how to be better beings.

Cats Are Selective With Their Affections

Anyone who says that they hate cats has just never been loved by one, and there's a reason for that. Felines don't just spread their affections around. Instead, they reserve them for those who deserve their admiration. People, on the other hand, give their hearts away too easily. Anyone who has ever lived with a cat knows the feeling of loving something despite – and often because of – that creature's foibles. Maybe if we, like our kitties, can become more discerning, then we too can find people who truly deserve us – quirks and all!

Cats Are Expressive

Our feline companions may have a reputation for being aloof, but the truth is that they are frank, honest little individuals. When they want something, they come right out and ask for it in the best way they can. For instance, if they want a quick cuddle, they plop themselves right in your lap; dinner, they meow in just the right way to get your attention; privacy, they tunnel away in their favorite hidey hole. But expressing their wants isn't the only way they show their feelings. If they love you, you can be all but certain of getting a good solid head bump. If they're frightened, their body language will rapidly change. If they're unhappy with something you're doing, watch your hands!

One exception is, of course, when they're feeling unwell. There are a lot of very good reasons for this emotional restraint. We won't get into those reasons now, but I will say this: When it comes to hiding how you feel physically... don't actually be like your cat. Let someone know. Seriously. But in every other way, yes... do mirror your kitty... he knows what's good!

Cats Know What They Want

That special, hard to find wet food? Yes, please! A certain type of toy? Nothing else will do. Your favorite seat? You can find a new one. These peculiarities might seem rather hard-headed to us, but the fact is... cats know what they want and will not be swayed. And wouldn't life be all the easier – and richer – if we could also be so certain of our preferences, and maybe just a little more demanding when it comes to getting them. All right, maybe we shouldn't be quite as insistent as our feline companions – after all, if we all acted like cats in that respect, we would be a pretty rude bunch – but if we could take a cue from them just a little bit, our lives might be just a tad simpler.

Cats Are Physically Active

Have you ever really sat down and watched your kitty play... just... really observed him? Amazing! No, for sure, we are nowhere near as bendy or bouncy as them, but we can definitely learn a lot from our cats when it comes to athleticism.

But it isn't simply that we should aspire to get up and exercise every day like our cats do, it's also about how they do it. Physical activity for them isn't just about getting it done. Nope. They find what they like to do best, and that's what they do. Every day. If they get bored, they find something new. Next, they know their limits. Some felines can play for hours on end and be just fine. Others can only expend about five minutes worth of energy, then they're done for the day. Either way, they know exactly when to quit. Finally, they instinctively understand that if something hurts, they shouldn't be doing it. When it comes to getting in our daily steps, it would behoove us to follow their lead – discover something we actually enjoy doing, find the level that works best for us, and listen to our bodies.

Cats Are Mentally Active

Most of us think our pets are brilliant. The reality is, they are probably even smarter than we give them credit for. If you have ever given your cat a puzzle toy, then you know that he's a surprisingly analytical creature. But you don't necessarily have to provide any particular sort of toy to see the gears grinding in his brilliant brain. Just watch him navigate his way around his cat tree. Marvel as he figures out the mechanics of door handles and water faucets. If you really pay attention to what he's doing, you'll quickly realize that his mind is open and anxious to figure out the complexities of the world around him.

You might also note that they are both curious and imaginative. I mean, we all giggle when our kitties zip around the house, acting as if some mysterious beast is chasing them down. And we pretend to be mad – though, really, who can actually be upset – when we find our felines rifling through open bags and drawers left ajar? To put all of this simply, cats are smart, creative, and eager to learn... and wouldn't we be better people if we left our own minds so open?

Cats Are Quirky, Strange, and Unapologetically Themselves

As human beings, we tend to conform to the world around us. There are plenty of reasons for this: Familial obligations, work expectations, societal influences. Cats, however, do not bend to these pressures. Certainly, they follow the rules of their respective groups, and they know what's expected of them in their households. When it comes to their individual personalities, though, they never compromise. This, I feel, is one of the best lessons we can learn from our kitties: Be who you are, even if people think you're maybe just a little bit weird. Weird is unquestionably fine.


Why should we be more like our cats? They're brilliant, brazen, bold, and wise. When it comes down to it, why wouldn't we want to be more like them?

What are some qualities your cat has that you would like to emulate? Tell us in the comment section!

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Alexas_Fotos via Pixabay under Pixabay License
Pezibear via Pixabay under Pixabay License
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