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Kitty Quiz: Your Play Style – How Do You Play With Your Cats?

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When it comes to playtime, it is just as important to know how you like to play with your cat as it is to know how your cat likes to play. If you haven't already, once you've finished this quiz, click here to discover your cat's unique style and see how the pair of you match up in this area.

Who usually initiates play sessions?

I plan out new games to keep my cat stimulated.

My favorite types of cat toys include...

DIY cat toys are...

I am...

I enjoy hanging out with my cat the most when he's...

You've had a long day, but your cat is in rare form and needs to burn off some energy. You...

Your Play Style: How Do You Play With Your Cats?

You are a cat play enthusiast! When it comes to playtime, you are every bit as excited to get moving as your kitties are – maybe even more so! You're not content to just drag around a teaser. No, you whip that thing around like it was an extension of your arm. You're also likely to be diverse in how you play and what you play with. You are like a kid in a candy store when it comes to all of the innovative new gadgets, but you're just as excited to put together DIY playthings in your spare time. You are also an expert at planning new games to keep your cats interested.
Hands Off

Your life is likely exceedingly busy, and although you adore your cats, you probably prefer the more sedate side of their companionship. Though you may occasionally find the time to drag around a teaser, you likely get more joy out of watching them frolic with an electronic toy, or may occasionally like to fiddle with an RC-style plaything. You know that play is important for keeping your kitties healthy and happy, so you provide them with plenty of fun, interactive toys. When it comes to quality time, though, you're just as happy to swoop in when they're good and tired, and share a nice, purr-laden nap.
Happy Medium

When it comes to playtime with your cats, your mood shifts between a hands off and an enthusiastic approach. When things in your life get a little hectic, you're just as happy to switch on a high-tech gadget, sit back, and watch your feline friend perform his playtime antics. On more casual days, you love getting in on all of the fun, and you're not above sitting on the floor for a game of cat toy hockey. You may sometimes be a little hard on yourself, wishing you spent more time playing with your feline friend, but it's important to remember that cats are imaginative creatures who actually do sometimes enjoy solitary games. So long as you get in the occasional bonding session, and provided you offer your kitty plenty of solo play opportunities, then both you and your kitty will be fine!

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