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The Best Remote Control Cat Toys for Excitable Kitties!

The Best Electronic Cat Toys

Most cats are run by their prey drive. They are active, crave stimulation, and like to tap into that inner urge to hunt. We, however, can be lazy. So how do we get past this divide in energy level? One way is with remote control cat toys. This option allows us, the lackadaisical human, to interact with our beloved kitty companions, while giving them the option to hop, pounce, wiggle their butts, and eventually entrap their “prey.”

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Although these types of toys allow you to relax while still keeping your buddy busy, you'll find that there are plenty of other benefits. For instance, if your cat is the indoor type, he will benefit from the exercise he will get from trying to keep up with all of the twitching, bouncing or fast-moving action. Furthermore, you can help to sharpen your cat's hunting skills. This, of course, is vital when it comes to his role as the household bug catcher. It also reduces boredom and encourages bonding... because, after all, you're hunting together, right?

Even though remote control toys are a spectacularly good idea, there are surprisingly few on the market geared specifically towards cats. So today, we are going to have a quick look at what is available. Plus we will talk about how to pick the best one for your cat. Finally, we will discuss few ingenious alternatives to the more common toys.

How to Pick the Best Remote Control Cat Toys for Your Kitty

Like people, each feline is unique, and not every toy will suit every cat. If you're thinking of buying a remote control cat toy, it is important to consider whether or not your little friend will even like it. Now, I realize, you can never know for certain that your cat will like... well... anything. I mean, there is that whole "playing with the box the toy came" in phenomenon. But it is important to note that remote control cat toys can make a bit of a ruckus, move in unusual ways, and may be a little jarring. If he is easily frightened, trying to play with this type of toy may not be that enjoyable for your cat. If your kitty is a brave, adventurous type, then you should be good to go.

Although there are fewer remote control options than there are of the more manual varieties, there are still quite a few choices when it comes to style, operation, and function. For example, scampering mice and teasing feathers abound; however, if you want something a little different, there are also futuristic-looking ball tracks and toys that seem to fly. How you control the toy is equally important to how it looks and what it does. Though many come with the traditional RC-style controller, some of the more high tech options actually work with your smart phone to create a more customized and adaptable experience.

Types of Remote Control Cat Toys

Flying RC Cat Toys

All right... so... to be fair, to say that these toys actually fly is a bit misleading. Though there are some that actually lift off the ground, those are uncommon and, frankly, don't work that well. There are, however, toys that give the illusion of flight – at least, as far as your cat is concerned. Flying toys typically consist of an unmovable, rotating base that whips around a wand with a small, soft toy or feathers at the end. These toys are well suited for the cat who likes to chitter and yell at birds in the window, as it may make them feel as if they are chasing down their feathery foes. On the downside, though, since the base doesn't move, the element of chase is missing. Unfortunately, the end result may not be satisfying for some kitties.

Chase RC Cat Toys

If your cat is the sort who likes to attack your feet under the blankets, chase-style RC toys may very well be a good option – for both you and your cat. Like flying toys, these fun little contraptions generally have a small, rotating base and wand. Unlike their aerial counterparts, they also come with a small skirt to cover the wand, thus kicking your kitty into attack mode. One of the great things about chase toys is that they generally come with variable speed modes. This means that your cat will likely not lose interest as quickly as he otherwise would.

Mouse RC Cat Toys

When it comes to cat toys, you really cannot get any more traditional than a mouse, and there is a good reason for it. As I said before, many cats have that crazy prey drive. They may be sweet, fluffy, and oh so tempting to hug, but make no mistake... deep down, they are hunters! That being said, it should come as no surprise that rodent-shaped cat toys are incredibly popular. Even more so when they run, skitter, and flit around the room by way of a remote control! The upside of this type of toy is that it may help to satisfy that ever-present need to pounce on something. On the downside, though, some RC mouse toys can be a little on the large side, thus making it difficult to trick your way-too-intelligent feline.

Laser RC Cat Toys

No list of remote control cat toys would be complete without mentioning the ever popular laser option. Many cat owners love these toys as they offer a lot of control. Unlike RC mice, which can barrel wildly out of control if you're not careful, lasers can easily be manipulated with a steady hand, and whipped around the floor, up the wall, onto the couch and over the stairs. Although these toys can be tons of fun for both you and your kitty, it is important to note that a lot of care needs to be taken. These are, however weak, lasers after all, and if you're not mindful, you can end up damaging your cat's beautiful eyes.

Alternatives to Regular RC Cat Toys

So... your cat is sick of mice and laser beams. And maybe he's not fooled by your feeble flying and chasing contraptions. What's an exhausted owner to do?! Well, instead of confining yourself solely to the pet aisle, why not wander over to the regular toy section for a bit? I know... crazy talk. But here's the deal... there are an absolute plethora of RC cars, trucks, and even boats available on the market.

Now, your cat may not be all that crazed about chasing after your Mustang replica; however, attach a raccoon tail or a handful of feathers to the trunk, and BAM! You've got yourself a very hunt-worthy toy. Of course, it's important to remember that some RC vehicles have very small parts that can become a choking hazard. Keep that in mind when you make your selection, and try to find some of the smoother-bodied, less intricate models.

If cars aren't your thing, there are also many plush creatures that feature a remote control element or two. Like RC mice, these toys can move in ways that inspire your cat to go into hunting mode. Though with their lack a realism and speed, your kitty may lose interest relatively quickly.

Recommendations for the Best Remote Control Cat Toys

SlowTon Remote Control Mouse Toy

Remote control mouse toys are pretty common - maybe you even have one or two lodged under your couch - but the fact is, they can be a little... well... dull. I mean they can only move forward or backward, and let's face it, that gets dull pretty fast. If you still want the traditional moving mouse toy, but you also want something a little more up-to-date, then you might just love this SlowTon RC toy. Unlike other mouse toys, this thing has wheels that move 360 degrees, meaning the game won't come to a screeching halt when it encounters obstacles. A nice secondary effect of those constantly-moving wheels is that, when kitty catches the mouse, it continues to "struggle," thus adding an element of realism. It is made up of a sturdy plastic shell, with solid rubber wheels, and also comes with that all-important feather teaser toy. This little rodent is a definite upgrade!

Baztoy Remote Control Spider

Maybe mice aren't your thing. Maybe you want to train your cat to be an unstoppable bug-killing machine. Or maybe you want a gizmo that doubles as a cat toy and a great way to scare the crud off of your friends – no judgment here! Whatever your reasons, if you want an alternative to the traditional mouse, why not try a creepy crawly tarantula? These are creepy, no question, but will undoubtedly keep your kitty riveted for a long time to come.

Petcube Play 2 Wi-Fi Pet Camera with Laser Toy

No matter where you are, no matter what you're doing, you probably wish you were at home playing with your cat. Though you may not always be able to make it home, you can still have the pleasure of playing with your kitty. This remote control cat toy is a little different from the others. While many RC toys are meant for in-person use, this particular plaything is meant to be used remotely, and comes with a super useful camera, as well as a microphone and speaker setup. That said, the best part of this groovy little gizmo is that, in addition to being able to keep up with playtime no matter where you are, you also get to watch and listen!

AOLIKES Remote Controlled Electronic Cat Toy

The AOLIKES Cat's Meow is a great choice if your kitty has some serious secret attack skills, is quickly bored, or if he's not easily fooled by other types of toys. Unfortunately, toys of this style have a bit of a bad reputation. Anyone see those as-seen-on-TV versions that die within minutes of start up? What is fortunate, though, is that this particular brand seems to have worked out all the kinks of the other brands and produced a product that is both functional and functioning. This toy features four different speed settings, including random; remote and independent functions; a scurrying, mouse-like wand; and multiple timer settings.

Adaym Interactive Cat Laser Pointer

Laser pointers are one of those go-to toys that pretty much every cat owner has turned to at some point or another. What makes this particular light pointer a good option is that it comes with five different light modes; has a handy one-click button; and comes with a rechargeable USB cable!

KOOWHEEL 360 Rotating Remote Control Car

Maybe your brilliant but easily bored cat is sick of all the usual toys. Or perhaps you'd like a toy that you can sneak away and play with yourself? If so, you simply cannot go wrong with an RC car – especially a stunt car that flips, spins, and lights up. Of course... when you're not playing with it, don't forget to strap something feathery to the body to grab kitty's attention!


As you can see, remote control cat toys have a lot of variety. No matter how you and your cat play, you're likely to find something that will make you both happy!

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