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Cutting Edge Feline: The Top Five Robotic Cat Toys

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We as a civilization are hurtling rapidly into the future, creating life changing products; inventing new and interesting ways of doing things; making life ever easier and ever more efficient. We are also constantly enthralled with our feline friends. With all of this innovation and kitty worship, it should come as no surprise that the playthings of our fuzzy little friends are becoming increasingly more complex. In this article, we will look at some of the coolest, most novel robotic cat toys on the market.

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What are Robotic Cat Toys?

Let's begin with a little bit of information: what exactly are robotic cat toys? Well, that question has several answers. These interactive cat toys can take a number of forms: some run on batteries, while others can be charged. Some are meant to function a lot like regular toys, but run on a small motor, thus allowing for a more “hands-off” experience for the household human; others, however, are set up to run with either a remote control or via a smartphone app. Often, they are built to look and feel like traditional toys, but others boast a more “futuristic” look, while others still are meant to look realistic – for instance, life-like fish that wriggle and flop.

Robotic Cat Toy Recommendations

There are simply a ton of options on the market; however, because this style of gadget is relatively new to the market, there are quite a few choices that are... well... less than functional. In this section, we are recommending some of the best robotic cat toys around, just to help you start your newfangled playtime on the right foot.

Interactive Robotic Cat Toy

Some robotic cat toys are meant to look realistic, this one, though, is made for our more forward-thinking friends. Although it lacks realism, it is definitely a great option if you want something that is both innovative and largely hands-off. This funky little contraption works on a ten-minute timer, and re-starts every hour and half, letting kitty go into hunt mode at any time. What's more, this toy boasts a lot of neat little features, such as the automatic timer we just discussed; sensors that predict different scenarios, thus mimicking the irregular movements of prey; large tires and double motors that help it move on just about any surface; and finally, attachable toys that can be rotated to keep things interesting.

Ito Rocky Pet Fling String Robotic Cat Toy

Playing with a teaser toy is a ton of fun for both you and your feline. But what happens when kitty wants to play, but you simply do not have the time? You set up a robotic teaser toy! This interesting little gadget is fairly simple: throw in some batteries, attach to a ledge – say a table top or cat tree platform – and let it run. When it's up and functioning, it flits about like a fuzzy, fur-covered little bird – I know, weird image – and helps your cat's prey drive kick into gear. But the best part of this robotic cat toy? You can either set it and forget it, or get in on the fun and control the toy's movement with your smartphone!

Flospoint Wicked Ball Cat Toys

So this toy may look like the first one on this list, and though it has a lot of similarities, there are plenty of unique features that set it apart. Whereas the first toy was perfect if simplicity is your goal, this option is more complex, boasting a number of very neat bells and whistles. Of course, this robotic cat toy has the requisite irregular movements and changeable teaser toy; however it also features a blinking light function, as well as an all-too-enticing chirping bird sound.

PETRIP Interactive Cat Toy Ball

Why have a boring ol' stationary ball when you could have a massively interactive robotic cat toy ball instead? One of the neatest features of this electronic plaything is its built-in centrifugal rolling device, which allows the toy to quickly change direction if it runs into walls, furniture, or... you know... your crazed cat. In addition to that all-important direction-change, this toy has some other neat features, like LED lights, enticing attachable teasers, and two equally useful modes: rolling and standby.

Blackhole Interactive Swimming Robot Fish Toy for Cats

No article about futuristic feline playthings would be complete without the inclusion of a nifty little robotic cat toy fish! If your kitty can't get enough of the water – or just cannot stay out of the fish tank – this groovy gadget is sure to be a hit. These small robots are fairly simple in design – plastic bodies, and tails on rods – but have a few very cool features. For starters, those tails flicker rapidly, thus simulating a live fish. Next, they light up – which, admittedly, is quite a bit less realistic, but neat nonetheless. And finally, they work automatically – just install the batteries, set them in a small pool of water, and watch them go!


Robotic cat toys are a thing, and let's face it... it's only a matter of time before they become the standard in feline playtime. Hopefully, from this article, you will have found a few things that will keep you and your kitty on the cutting edge!

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