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The Top 5 Most Unique Cat Toys on the Market (and Why You Need Them)

The Top 5 Most Unique Cat Toys on the Market (and Why You Need Them) - Cats Will Play

It goes without saying that we all love cat toys, but let's face it... the standard varieties can get a little, well... dull. I mean... how many feathers on a string or catnip balls can one really have? That said, today, we're going to be looking into some of the most unique cat toys on the market, as well as discuss why you might want to incorporate a few of them into your kitty playtime arsenal.

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Why Novel Cat Toys Matter

So let's start with the whys. Unless you have a brand new kitty in your life, there's a pretty good chance that your home is already stocked to the brim with wands, balls, and kicker toys. That's great! But consider for a moment that your favorite little feline is a brilliant creature. The thing about brilliant creatures is that their fabulous brains get bored quickly. Unfortunately, listless cats can sometimes become destructive.

If boredom doesn't elicit destructive behaviors in your cat, then it may very well have the opposite effect – that is to say, it may make him a tad lazy. If your furry little pal heads down the road of indolence, it may lead to problems in the future, such as obesity and illness. After all, exercise is essential to all living bodies – even soft, smoodgy kitties!

What all of this means is that in order to keep him interested you have to stay on top of his playthings, rotating them regularly, and introducing new items into the routine. Given that there are already a plethora of similar items on the market, when you come across some truly unique cat toys, you will want to jump on them quickly. Why? Because they may very well keep kitty from getting bored and... you know, wrecking up the place... or falling to idleness.

Unusual Toys Your Kitty Will Love

All right, now that you know why you should incorporate some unique cat toys into your rotation, we can get to the truly fun part... the toys themselves!

Pet Qwerks Catnip Infused Babble Ball

Some cats are just drawn to sound. I mean... have you ever spied a bird chittering near a window, then – a moment or two later – heard your cat chittering right back? Unbelievably cute, let me tell ya! But what if you don't want your furry friend harassing the backyard fauna or, you know, jumping through the window? Then this ball may very well be right for you. At first glance it looks like just about any other ball toy, but what makes it stand out from the crowd is that it makes over 20 different sounds. What's more, it's motion activated and infused with catnip. So whether the enticing aroma or the fascinating noises get kitty interested, this toy is sure to give him many hours of enjoyment!

There are only two potential downsides to this product. The first is that the batteries will need to be replaced from time to time, and if your cat really digs it, you'll have to keep plenty on hand. The second is that, because you can't really control the types of sounds this ball makes, you won't be able to avoid the ones your cat doesn't care for.

Pecute 360° Space Spinning Ball Track Toy

As far as unique cat toys go, this one is a pretty strong contender for the “most unique” spot. This thing is a 360-degree rotating, ball toy flinging, brain-busting puzzle extravaganza! ...All right... I need a breath, apparently. But seriously, this thing is very cool, and here's why: as I mentioned in that moment of excitement, this unusual plaything has two rotating, transparent tracks that boast eco-friendly materials, a non-slip base, and a couple of additional toys. Additional toys, you say? Yes, indeed. Two balls that slip and slide around the tracks – or can be taken out and used individually. One is a fun little light up number, while the other is filled with delightfully enticing cat mint.

Although there are a ton of things to love about this unique cat toy, there are a few potential drawbacks. For one thing, the cat mint may not be strong enough to attract some felines. For another, because the balls and tracks are made up of a fairly solid plastic material, the whole thing may be a little loud for cats who are especially sensitive to sound.

Wisedom Cat Toothbrush Catnip Toy

Is your cat a chewer? Does he just need a good teeth cleaning? Either way, this quirky cat toy may just come in handy. Made up of eco-friendly rubber and shaped like a funky little crayfish, this toy is meant to be gnawed on, not to mention “hugged,” kicked, and generally harassed. To make it even more enticing, it comes with catnip and a spot for a small jingle bell – just to grab kitty's attention. What is especially neat about this particular plaything is that it can double as a feeder or treat toy – what with its fillable cavities and lots of aroma wafting vents. Plus, in addition to satisfying your cat's need to nibble, this interesting toy has numerous nibs that help to clean your cat's teeth and stimulate his gums.

The only real downside to this gizmo is its size. Although it's suitable for wrestling with, it may be a tad too heavy for carrying around. Also, if your kitty is especially petite, it might be a little oversized for his dainty mouth.

Peteast Pastable Cat Treat Toy

Is your fuzzy little buddy a catnip aficionado? Crazy for gall nuts? Silver vine curious? Then unique cat toys that feature any of those treats are sure to be a hit. But what if one toy had all three, and was interactive to boot? Well this particular toy does and is. So there you have it! All right, what am I talking about here? What you have with this interesting plaything is a wall-mountable, triple-treat toy that features compressed catnip, gall nut, and silver vine.

The interactive part has to do with the balls themselves; that is, their ability to be plastered to a wall – or just about any surface – and rotated a full 360 degrees. This means that while your cat is going absolutely out of his mind from all of those intoxicating aromas and flavors, he can easily rub them, swat at them, or generally fiddle with them until he's either fully crazed or absolutely exhausted. What makes this toy extra special is that it works beautifully in a multi-cat household. As you may well know, not every cat is into catnip. So if one kitty digs it and another doesn't, then everyone still has the chance to enjoy this thing!

Unfortunately, some cats just don't react to, well... anything. So the major downside to this toy is that, if your cat cannot be tempted, then this may go unplayed-with.

Potaroma Electric Moving Cat Kicker Fish Toy

Out of all of the unique cat toys on this list, this one is my personal favorite. I have a soft spot in my heart for realistic-looking fish toys, and this thing has some beautiful, lifelike print-work. But that's not what makes it unique. No, no! What really makes this thing cool is a small motor. Why is that special, you ask? Because that tiny motor makes this toy move. And I don't mean jitter around or vibrate. Nope! It bends and twists and flops around... like a freakin' fish! So cool! Now that I have that out of my system, let's discuss some features. That all-important motor I mentioned earlier? USB chargeable! Motion sensor that activates when your cat touches the toy? Check! Battery-saving standby mode? Yep! Catnip infused? Of course!

As much as I love this uncommon cat toy, there is, of course, a hitch. If your kitty is easily surprised, then either the noise or sudden movement may completely turn him off.


Unique cat toys are hard to come by these days. With a bit of digging – and this list, of course – then you will definitely find some unusual gems hiding in the piles of crinkle balls and cardboard scratchers. Hopefully, today, you've found something interesting that your cat will love having in his regular toy rotation.

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