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The Cat Toy Box: Practical Tips for Toy Storage and Recommendations

The Cat Toy Box Practical Tips for Toy Storage and Recommendations - Cats Will Play - Twitter

Who doesn't love cat toys? Kitties love them, their people love them... even the dogs can't seem to get enough of them. But let's face it: our pampered feline's playthings can make quite a mess! Although you may never have thought of it, cat toy boxes are a real thing, and they can go a long way in keeping things tidy. In this article, we discuss some clever ways to keep your kitty's gadgets in order, and look into some cool cat toy box options.

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Why You Should Keep a Cat Toy Box

Let's start with the obvious: a cat toy box will keep your home uncluttered. Our kitties are like our kids – we love to give them playthings, but those playthings tend to get scattered. But by providing your fuzzy little buddy with an organizer, you are creating a single, consolidated spot to keep all of those precious items safe and tastefully hidden away.

Another benefit of having a cat toy box is that you can keep your kitty's toys interesting. One of the best ways to keep things fresh is to regularly rotate items. When you have a place to store all of your cat's things, it makes it easier to follow through with the “out of sight, out of mind” process.

Finally, by having a few cat toy boxes around the house, you reduce the need to replace toys on a regular basis. How? Well, for starters, when scattered around the house – and more specifically, the floor – they're more likely to get damaged, stepped on, and dirty. Furthermore, if you and your cat are sharing your home with a dog or two, you reduce the temptation that cat toys hold over your canine roommates.

Cat Toy Storage Ideas

Cat toy boxes can be as simple or complex as you like. If you're handy and into DIY projects, there are plenty of toy box plans available on the internet. These organizers are often made of wood, pallets, plastic bins, etc. If you're a little less proficient with tools, but still like DIY projects, you can make up some handy-dandy storage containers with simple household items like cardboard and scrap paper or material.

So, let's say you're not so much into DIY projects, but you still want a simple cat toy box. You can easily convert storage totes or portable plastic storage drawers into organizers. If you choose a tote, you might find it easier to install hinges and cut down the sides of the lids for easy accessibility. On the other hand, if you decide to use a set of storage drawers, you may want to glue cardboard or plastic walls into the drawers to help keep things better organized. You could also try plastic drawer inserts to keep things especially tidy.

Cat Toy Box and Storage Recommendations

If you're not into the idea of creating your own cat toy boxes, or the simple plastic or cardboard boxes really don't fit into your aesthetic, there are plenty of beautiful, ready-made options on the market. In this section, we will look into boxes and organizers that are made specifically for cat toys, as well as some feline-themed alternatives.

Woodlore Cedar Products Cedar Pet Toy Box

If your kitty isn't a toy thief, this cat toy box might be a great option. Not only is it petite enough to fit into smaller spaces, it is also attractive – and cute – enough to match just about any decor. Furthermore, because of the open design, it allows for airflow, which is important if your furry little buddy tends to slobber all over his toys. On the downside, if there's a pooch in your home, this box might be a little too easy for him to nib from.

Morezi Canvas Storage Basket Toy Organizer

As far as cat toy boxes go, this is one of the simpler choices; however, because there are a few different neutral color options, there's a pretty good chance it will fit nicely into just about any design. This particular toy organizer is decently roomy but lightweight, well-built, and waterproof. On the downside, because of the open top, if your feline likes to steal toys, you'll have to store this in a place he can't reach.

Feline Ruff Large Toy Storage Box

This particular cat toy box is simple, but adorable – what with its stylish colors and sweet paw print pattern. The design is fairly sturdy, meaning it can stand up to all of your kitty's harassment, and because of the hook and loop fasteners, you can easily tuck away all of your cat's playthings. And since this tote has handles and is fairly lightweight, it is easy to move around, making it pretty useful if you need to transport kitty's things.

HiChen Large Woven Cotton Rope Basket

So, to be fair, this is technically a laundry basket. But! Let's be square – this is an almost ideal piece of cat toy storage. For starters, it's pretty sizable, meaning that your kitty's plaything obsession won't make a huge mess of your house. For another thing, it boasts those delightful kitty ear handles, making it both cute and easy to move around. Finally, because of its pretty, simple design, it will likely fit beautifully into your household. And as a bonus, if your cat toy collection outsizes this organizer, with the addition of a cushion, it can easily be converted into a comfy-mumfy cat bed!

Sweet Barks Designer Cat Washroom Storage Bench

Now... to be fair, this setup is meant to expertly conceal litter boxes; however, it can very easily be converted into a mega cat toy box. Just slap in some storage bins, and you've got yourself a pretty grand toy organizer. Furthermore, the handy little door makes it easy for kitty to have access to his toys whenever he likes. Now if you could only teach him to put them back! Another really neat thing about this option is that with a little bit of handiwork, you can install a super comfy bed or carpeting on top, making this structure a solid, all-around kitty play land!

Other Cat Toy Storage Options

Not all cat toy boxes have to take the form of solid containers. In this section, we will look into some great alternatives or additions to your regular storage devices.

Feline Ruff Cat Teaser Wand Holder

Kitty can't get enough of his wand toys? Then this cool little contraption will keep things well organized. It boasts four compartments for the wand poles, and one large container to hold your attachments. One neat thing about this is that it can stand by itself, or your can attach it to another surface – even a cat toy box, provided the walls are no more than a 1/2 inch thick.

Tot Tutors Kids' Toy Storage Organizer

Want to store more than just toys? Then this small stand-up storage organizer might be a good option. This thing comes with a number of variously-sized bins, meaning you would have plenty of room for all of your feline's favorite playthings, as well as his food containers, boxes of litter, and any other cat-related paraphernalia you need to store. Although this may not be the most stylish option on the market, the simple wood means that you can absolutely customize it to match the rest of your home. Furthermore, because it is so multipurpose, you can keep everything consolidated, tidy, and easy to find.

Otto & Ben 45" Storage Folding Toy Box Ottoman

One of the neatest cat toy box alternatives is a storage ottoman. This thing is definitely very cool. Not only will it hold all of your cat's toys, the cushy upper can double as a comfortable bed – or even a seat or footstool for you... that your cat can steal when you get up for a drink. Furthermore, because of the wide array of color options, you can almost certainly find something to match your style. And one more bonus for this particular organizer is the fact that, if you ever find yourself short on space, this storage ottoman can easily be folded up and put away.

Alimto Play Mat and Toy Storage Organizer Basket

If your cats are anything like mine, they like to slip and slide and tear around the room. And they love, love, love tunnels! If that's true for your fuzzy little pal, than this cat toy organizer might be a spectacular alternative to a regular box-style contraption. At first glance, this thing looks like a simple, stylish storage tote; however, when you open it up, it reveals a super useful play mat. When the tote is set on its side, you can yank out that fun little slippy, slidy mat and reveal all of your cats toys, or just let him use it as a groovy little tunnel or a cozy bed.

Sturdis Kids Toy Storage Organizer

Cat toy boxes usually have one purpose: to store or hide toys. This fantastic little setup can be so much more than your simple organizer. Certainly, there are plenty of places to keep things shelved; however, if you don't mind doing a bit of DIY, the possibilities for this thing are endless. For example, the shelves can be made into perches; the upper decks can be transformed into either a bed, a feeding spot, or both; the lower compartment can be used to stow away all of those less aesthetically appealing accouterments – say, bags of litter or cat food. Furthermore, if you're worried that it will tip over on your precious friend, never fear! It comes with safety brackets that allow you to attach it directly to the wall. Neat, huh?


Whether you're a neat freak or you're just sick of stepping on hard bits of plastic teaser wand, a cat toy box can really help keep things tidy. Although there aren't a lot of dedicated organizers on the market – at least when it comes to kitties – there are still plenty of things you can use to keep your home uncluttered and your cats happy!

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