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Why Playing With Your Cat Is Good For You

Why Playing With Your Cat Is Good For You - Image by Yerlin Matu via Unsplash

It goes without saying that playtime is good for your cat, but you might sometimes find yourself looking for excuses to avoid getting up and having a good romp with your feline friend. Totally understandable. I mean, your kitty gets to stay home and lounge around all day. You, though, have things to do! But consider for a moment that playing with your cat is not only good for him, but also good for you. When you think of all the benefits that you can both reap, you might be more inclined to get in a good ten minute play session after your long day. Today, we'll talk about how interacting with your fuzzy little buddy can be a real positive for the quality of your own life.

Bonding With Your Cat

This is a big one for pet owners – and cat lovers especially. Kitties don't bond with just anyone, so it's always a plus when you can find activities that endear you to your fickle feline. Not only will they be left feeling like you're part of their sporting party (or like they're teaching their massive, highly inept fellow feline how to hunt), but you'll become more familiar with who your cat is as an individual. I know it may sound strange to the uninitiated, but every kitty has his own style, his own likes and dislikes, and his own way of playing. When you get to know him on this level, you can't help but feel a little closer to him.

Increased Physical Activity

You've heard it a million times before – modern humans lead sedentary lives. Even if you're not exactly a gym junkie, small amounts of exercise can really add up for your overall well being. Furthermore, any good trainer will tell you: find some form of exercise that you actually like to do, and you'll be more likely to stick with it. And what could be better than playing with your cute, furry little ball of energy? I mean, get yourself a teaser wand, and watch your kitty trail behind you while you walk up and down the house. The best part of all of this is that, even if you're just not all that into being up and about that day, most kitties will wind down pretty quickly. So, your cat gets a nice play session, you get a quick burst of exercise. Everyone wins!

Cognitive Stimulation

Cats can be capricious. A toy they can't get enough of one day is forcefully wedged under the couch the next. That said, you have to stay on your toes when it comes to keeping cats entertained. Playing with your cat is a great way to stay mentally sharp, as you never know what will please and what will annoy from one day to the next – despite all that bonding I mentioned above. You'll have to deeply ponder the merits of one toy over another, make brand new playthings out of household items, invent games, and dream up surprising puzzles. In addition to being mercurial, cats are also incredibly smart. No matter how brilliant you are, you're going to have to figure out how to outwit them in order to keep your play sessions exciting. No question: playing with your cat is a workout for the brain.

Mental Health

Kitties are... funny. Frankly, they are strange little creatures, and sometimes we just don't get them. But that's all right... their weirdness is so impossibly endearing. And at no time is that more obvious than at playtime. Depending upon how your cat plays, you may be witness to a tiny re-creation of a wild cat prowling the Sahara for his next prey – or his favorite mouse toy. You might see a graceful choreography made up exclusively of butt wiggling, ear gyrating, and the occasional crazed holler. If you're lucky, you may get to watch him perform scientific research with paws, jaws, and a massive set of inquisitive eyes. Regardless of how he goes about executing his personal brand of craziness, it's certain to make your day just a little bit better. Moreover, if you can see a serious play session through to the end, you'll possibly be rewarded with a nice warm cuddle – thus giving you that fuzzy, stress-reducing Oxytocin boost.

Keeps You Busy

If you ever find yourself sitting at home with all of your chores done, work finished, and your regular go-to entertainments growing a little stale, then playing with your cat will definitely help you shake off the dust. Especially if you have to start creating novel games or building new toys like we mentioned earlier. And while that's good enough by itself, I'm going to go out on a limb here and say that playing with cats can also keep your social life busy. Well... sort of. It'll probably only jazz up your social life with other kitty-loving companions. Why? Because you have some new funny stories to tell. Or pictures to show. Or knowledge to impart. There's only one problem with this. While you're busy sharing your anecdotes, you'll probably start to wish you were at home... playing with your cat.

Your Cat Will Love You

...Mostly. I mean, there will be times when you want to play and he doesn't, and then you get all crazy. So there's that whole thing. But remember how we mentioned bonding? That goes both ways! Great, right? The same thing that applies to your kitty also applies to you – he'll get to know you better, and will start to learn the best ways to interact with you. Furthermore, relating in a positive way, expressing your desire to be near him – without ruffling his fur or loudly smooching his head – will make him feel cared for. And in return? Love!


Playing with your cat can be a joy, but it's even more joyful when you know that both your kitty's life and your own will be improved by it. So get up and get to playing – you'll be glad ya did!

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