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No Kitty! That’s a Naughty Kitty!: How to Cat-Proof a Room

No Kitty! That's a Naughty Kitty!: How to Cat-Proof a Room

You may think curiosity is the domain of kittens - after all, the world is a big, strange new place to them. You wouldn't be wrong in assuming that those fuzzy little maniacs are going to get into everything; however, adult cats are just as guilty. Adopt a shelter cat, and their new world is going to be just as big and strange. Bring a new item into your home, and even the cats you've had all their lives will be just as struck with awe. So how to cat-proof a room? The whole task may be a good deal simpler than you think.

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When it comes to cat-proofing a room, there are certain things you will definitely want to move or get rid of entirely. Because kitties love to do the gravity test, fragile pieces and valuables are items that will definitely need to be relocated. Electrical things should be kept unplugged as often as possible, while certain switches - say, the switch to your garbage disposal - should be kept under wraps, while blind and drapery cords should be well secured.

The vast majority, if not all, of the plants in the room should be removed. For generally non-toxic varieties, you run the risk of exposing your kitty to some less than savory chemicals by way of treated soils - not to mention the unholy mess they can make with an otherwise innocuous piece of greenery. There are some common household plants that are outright deadly for cats, these include lilies, chrysanthemums, and ivy. If you're not sure if your plants could be harmful, here is an extensive list from the Humane Society that will help you figure it out.

Hazardous substances and items should also be cleared from the room. Although you may think that your child-proof bottles will keep your critters at bay, a persistent feline can easily gnaw through plastic. Cleaning chemicals can also be a problem. Barring the chewing issue, small spills or even tiny drops of chemicals outside of the bottles can easily be ingested, thus causing toxicity.


So you've cleared the room of potential hazards, but to ensure that your room is truly cat-proof, you might actually want to make some additions. In order to keep his attention away from, say, your tantalizingly scratchable sofa, you'll want to add a bunch of very claw-worthy scratching posts and cat trees. In order to keep kitty off the bookshelves, why not install some kitty perches on the walls or windows? Include plenty of beds, cardboard boxes, and a regular rotation of fresh toys to finish up your new cat-themed decor.

Protecting Your Property

With the inclusion of some of the items above, you will vastly reduce the chances of shredded furniture, but how do you keep the rest of your property unmarred? Well, honestly, you can't entirely. But you can include a few basic things. For instance, to reduce your collection of cat fuzz, you could try slip covers to protect your softer furniture. To keep your carpets safe, try putting down large area rugs. Double check that any shelving around the room is well-secured - tighten screws, make sure that no snaggable nails are hanging out, etc.


Let's face it... cats are basically bad little kids. They look for just about any opportunity to hurt themselves and wreck up the place. Knowing how to cat-proof a room is kind of a big deal, as it can not only reduce the risk of injury to your kitty, it can also keep your home looking its best. Of course, having a cat around certainly makes any home look better!

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