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Five Weird Cat Behaviors That We Think Are Cute

Image by skorchanov via Pixabay under Pixabay License

Ever catch your feline furiously chittering at a bird and murmur, “Ooooh! Mama's little murder machine!” Maybe you haven't, but there's a pretty good chance your cat does something strange that you find simply enchanting, and today we will step into the weird world of kitty cuteness!


When it comes to our cats, we are rarely rational. It seems like no matter what they do, we can always find it in our hearts to forgive them. Take, for example, their shockingly contrary nature. “No, Mr. Bibbles, don't get on the counter.” Up Mr. Bibbles goes. “Please, Mr. Bibbles... don't sit on the keyboard.” Down Mr. Bibbles plops. And yet... we laugh. Why? Because we somehow attribute these boldly contrarian statements as clear and delightful signs of independence. We never assume it's a simple matter of sassiness...

Overabundant Sass

...Or do we? Of course we know that our cats are sassy. They regularly exude the amount of impudence that would have a child sent to his room. And we just love it. But why? Is it that we wish we could claim at least a small amount of that cheek for ourselves? Do we simply appreciate the brazenness of their actions? Or is it just dashed hilarious? Truthfully, though, does it even matter? Whatever the cause, their sassiness is adorable!


Although it's true that most cats like to play, the fact remains that they can be a little... well... lazy. Let us forget for a moment that they can sleep from 16 to 20 hours per day. We won't count this amongst the laziness, as there are all variety of reasons for that that don't include indolence. However, all you need to do is witness them roll to the floor and refuse to rise mid-game to realize that they prefer to take things a little easier than, say, their canine counterparts. In fact, try to get them to budge from their bed... or your seat, step out of the way when you're walking, or just generally move quickly for anything other than dinner, and you'll know fully the depth of their languor. So why do we find this so cute? Well, this one is a little simpler: a lazy kitty is more likely to be a cuddly kitty, and who doesn't adore that?

Alarming Exhibitionism

Cats totally lack a sense of shame or embarrassment. That said, it should come as no surprise if you wind up with a fuzzy little butt in your face, or should find yourself as the witness to a rather... intimate cleaning session. Maybe this in and of itself isn't exactly cute, but when you know why your cat does it, it becomes surprisingly endearing. It all comes down to comfort and love. Your feline feels safe around you, and thus feels secure enough to put himself in a vulnerable position in your presence. He is also compelled to present you with all of the sensitive and olfactory details of his person, thus expressing his affection. So... aaw?

Murderous Tendencies

Maybe it's the joy of seeing them behave naturally, the wonder of witnessing them connect with their wild ancestors, or perhaps it's just the charming little noises they make. Whatever the reason, our feline's murderous rages are a source of unceasing glee for us humans. Maybe, if we think about it reasonably, it's not all that adorable. Sensorially, though, it could not possibly be more captivating. I mean... imagine our soft, fuzzy little friends... faces open, eyes wide, tiny back-ends all a-wiggle, bleating and chirping. It might mean the – real or imagined – demise of whatever they have their eye on, but how could you not be bewitched by that image?


Cats are strange little critters. The things they do both confuse and beguile us; even though we don't understand it, we can't help but find their weirdness cute. All of that said, though, when it comes right down to it, are they the weird ones for acting the way they do... or are we for finding it so appealing?

So what variety of weirdness does your kitty exhibit? Tell us all about it in the comments!

Image by skorchanov via Pixabay under Pixabay License

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