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How to Keep Your Cats Busy When They are Home Alone

How to Keep Your Cats Busy When They Are Home Alone

I know... you would love to be home with your cats all of the time. Me too. But unfortunately, we do have to leave the house occasionally, sometimes for extended periods. Despite what some people think, like dogs, cats actually miss their people. Even if they don't, they are likely to get bored, so it's important to know how to keep your cats busy when they are home alone.

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The easiest way to keep your kitty entertained, be it alone or within the loving bosom of his family, is by creating a fun, interactive environment. Cat trees and scratching posts are ideal, as, depending on the type you use, they take up minimal space, but are infinitely customizable. If your cat is a playful sort, toys can be hung from and hidden within the many perches and hidey holes. Maybe your kitty is a stealthy type. If so, find a tree with tunnels or houses. Some trees can be expanded with kits, while others can be turned into mazes.

Window beds and perches are also great for creating an enriching environment. This is especially true if you place them in a window that gets a lot of bird or squirrel traffic. If not, perhaps placing an animal feeder on a nearby post or beam would help to liven things up. Fish tanks are also a very visually stimulating option. Just be sure that the tank is well-secured and difficult to knock over.


Toys are essential for keeping your kitty busy while you're away from home. There are a ton of options, from electronic pounce, feather and chase gadgets; to tunnels, play mats and puzzles. There are a few rather high-tech options available as well. Some of these also allow you to interact with your cat, feeding him treats or playing laser tag, via an iPhone or Android app. If you prefer low-tech, however, the classic carved up cardboard box or crinkly paper bag will also help to keep your kitty entertained.


Toys may not be the only way to keep your feline busy during those alone times. TVs or videos set to stream birds flying or mice scuttering about can provide some visual excitement. On the other hand, an audio of different animal sounds, or even simple soothing music, might be effective in comforting your lonely or bored little friend.


If he's a companionable sort, consider getting your cat his own cat. All right, so maybe providing your kitty with a pet isn't exactly correct, but it's pretty funny, right? And in truth, providing a friend, if possible, can be an excellent way to fight off boredom. Of course, integrating a new cat into the environment can be tricky, but the kinship that can develop and the fun that can be had beats out pretty much any toy!


Whether you're gone eight hours a day or just need a few hours to run some errands, knowing how to keep your cats busy when they are home alone is essential, but easy to learn.

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