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The Top 6 Best Cardboard Cat Toys and Why Kitties Love Them

The 6 Best Cardboard Cat Toys and Why Cats Love Them

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Cardboard cat toys. The mere grouping of those words sounds weird. But when you think about it, it makes sense. After all, what do our cats enjoy more than their proper toys? The boxes they come in. Today, we'll be looking at a variety of cardboard cat toys in all of their unique and kitty-inspiring forms.

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Why Cardboard Cat Toys Are Great

All right, so... let's set aside that eternally hilarious image of a kitty hunkered down in a shipping box. There are actually plenty of reasons to love cardboard cat toys. For one thing, they're pretty versatile. They may not be as sturdy as their plastic counterparts, but one of the things that is so neat about this material is that it can be recycled. For example, if your corrugated play house has come to pieces, the remaining materials can be cut down and turned into balls or woven scratcher mats.

Speaking of recycling, that's another cool thing about cardboard toys. Items made from this material are typically produced from recycled products. In general, makers of these playthings are trying to create something eco-friendly, so they typically use re-purposed materials, as well as pet-safe mediums like cornstarch glues and natural inks.

Lastly, their main purpose is to be destroyed. Let's face it, our fuzzy little buddies can be destructive creatures, so they need something that they can get their claws into. Cardboard cat toys are made solely for that purpose, and usually at a much lower cost.

Cardboard Cat Toy Recommendations

Now that we've looked a little into the whys of cardboard cat toys, let's get to the good stuff... the toys themselves!

YOUTHINK Collapsible Cat Scratcher Lounge

So you're probably thinking “You're starting this list with a bed?” That's fair enough. But here's the deal, this is not only a bed, but a big, functional, multi-purpose plaything. Not to mention that, as far as cardboard cat toys go, this thing is simply lovely to look at. The main shape – which you'll likely be using as both a bed and low-level cat scratcher – is a simple accordioned circle. But to make it more fun, you can push in the center to create a bowl shape for toys to be fished out of. You can also make diamond shapes, UFO-style discs, and so on. Furthermore, this particular little corrugated delight comes with some proper toys, like a bell ball and catnip.

Bergan Turboscratcher Cat Toy

All right, so these are fairly standard in the homes of most kitty-fanatics, but if you don't already have one, you probably should. Why? Because this fun little gizmo is pretty much a multi-function staple. The scratchers at the center are excellent for quenching that all-encompassing urge to shred things – and it doesn't hurt that it's encircled by the rest of the toy, thus reducing some of the mess. But that deep recess of plastic isn't just to keep things tidy. No! It's also meant to be a race track for cats who like to chase and harass things. Another reason this is a staple is that both the ball and scratcher pad are replaceable, which means that this toy will be in your house for years to come!

Americat Company Set of 3 Made Wobble Balls

It goes without saying that tapping into your cat's natural instinct to hunt will go a long way in keeping him happy. Unlike many other cardboard cat toys, this unique plaything doesn't just lay there, waiting to be mutilated. Instead, when tossed across the floor, it rolls around and wobbles in a strange, erratic manner that looks a whole lot like prey. What's really neat about this toy is that it's good for a lot of different play styles – whether your kitty likes to chase, hunt, bat, or wrestle. Finally, these come as a set of three, meaning that your cat is going to get a lot of variety at playtime!

Kitty City Bubble Window Cat Cubby

Who doesn't like a play house? I mean, honestly! And it doesn't hurt that this thing just looks cool. While regular cardboard play houses can be kind of drab, this funky little thing is bright, colorful, and most importantly, functional. In addition to being neat to look at, it comes with easy to assemble walls, an insertable scratcher floor, and an airy bubble window. What's more, this product is pretty safe, being made up of not only recycled, eco-friendly cardboard, but also a non-toxic cornstarch glue.

Furhaven Corrugated Cat Scratcher Tower

If your cat doubles as a monkey – that is to say, he's a climbing expert – than this unique cardboard cat toy might just be right up his alley. Acting as both a kitty condo and a maze, smart and athletic felines will likely get a kick out of this. The structure, though not exceptionally tall, provides enough lift from the floor to keep your tiny little friend satisfied. Furthermore, he'll be able to puzzle his way through the various “apartments.” Because there are multiple floors, you can make a real game of this groovy contraption by hanging up stuffed birds, hiding catnip mice, or strategically placing jingly balls that make noise when your cat lands. The possibilities are pretty much limitless!

Cat Amazing Sliders Interactive Treat Puzzle

All right, so let's be square... this thing is cool! And a ton of fun to boot. It's definitely not one of the more traditional cardboard cat toys, but it's a really good option if your cat is a hardcore hunter and/or forager type, or if he is clever and really treat-motivated. This interesting little toy is made up of a sturdy cardboard and consists of multiple cat-arm-sized holes that open up to sliding puzzle pieces. These pieces can be used to hide treats, toys, or catnip. The beauty of this toy is that it can be changed around quite a bit, meaning that your kitty is less likely to lose interest. And because the material is so tough, you won't need to replace it as quickly as you would with other cardboard options.


Cardboard cat toys may seem like a strange concept, but the truth is, this papery material makes for an excellent option. Not only is it eco-friendly, it also allows for a lot of customization, and provides your feline friend a satisfying experience that you don't have to feel guilty about.

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