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In One Way Out the Other: Cat Play Tunnel Reviews

In One Way Out the Other Cat Play Tunnel Reviews

The cat play tunnel is without a doubt the most oft used kitty item in my home. My cats play in it, sleep in it, concoct super-secret ninja attack games in it. Pretty much all the usual, everyday sort of stuff. Initially, they were a bit apprehensive - I mean... mine is big, green, and makes some weird noises - but once they realized the absolute glory of it, I couldn't keep them away from the thing! I think it will be sorely missed once it's gone. They won't be without one for long, though, and if I'm to be totally honest, I don't think your cats should be either. Today we're going to look at some of the best cat tunnels on the market, just to give you an idea of what's out there so you can make a decision based on your own household needs.

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Prosper Pet 3-Way Cat Tunnel


The Prosper Pet Tunnel is nothing short of a kitty playground. Boasting three intersecting tunnels, a peep hole, crinkly paper lining in one tube, and a swinging bell toy - not to mention plenty of space for additional toys - this contraption will keep your energetic little friends busy for hours. It's also pretty handy for you, as when playtime is done, the whole to-do can easily be collapsed and stored away for later. This cat play tunnel is made of washable polyester material that surrounds a sprung-steel frame with protected ends. The tubes measure 10"x17", and around 3' long at its widest portion.

  • Full service play tunnel, no need for additional toys until your cat gets bored
  • Sturdy quality, with safety features, like protective ends on the frame
  • The generally crinkly material may be a bit boisterous for shyer cats
  • Though a highly cleanable material, the general shape of the design may make cleanup a pain
Final Thoughts

By and large, this is an excellent option for most households. Because of the three-way design, it would make a fantastic option for a multi cat home; however, due to its smaller size, it may not be ideal for large breed kitties.

Hide and Sneak Collapsible Paper Cat Tunnel


Ever leave your grocery bags unattended for just a moment, only to return to find, next to the bread and cabbage, a nosy, overly-excitable kitty? Yeah. Me too. If your cat likes a good bag, then he'll absolutely love the Hide and Sneak Paper Tunnel. This cat toy tunnel is a truly unique option, as it comes in an accordion-style design, and is made up of biodegradable, Eco-friendly paper. When totally unfurled, it measures around 12"x12"x32.5".

  • Excellent for cats that like noisy, crinkly toys
  • Safe, developed by a feline vet
  • Not as long-lasting as a cloth cat play tunnel
  • Lack of a reinforced structure means that it collapses fairly easily during play
Final Thoughts

This is a very neat, unusual concept that many cats - and, accordingly, cat enthusiasts - will absolutely adore. What makes this tunnel great is that it provides a lot of stimulation, but is also safe enough to be used as a sort of kitty cave or sleeping area. On the downside, the material is not made to last for an extended period, and may disappear fairly quickly if your cat likes to shred things.

Kitty City Cat Tunnel Bed


Soft, stylish, and adjustable, this particular toy tunnel is a nice, unique option that will provide your cat with a good deal of enjoyment. Constructed with sturdy yet cozy material, this fun little toy consists of two connecting tunnels, as well as a plushy bed and a built in cat toy. What is very neat about this particular toy is that the tunnels can either be used as two individual pieces or connected into one big piece. This tunnel measures around 39"x39"x12.5".

  • Fairly customizable
  • Comes with some neat extra features, like a bed and handing toy
  • Can be a little tricky to assemble
  • The large size may mean it won't fit well into smaller living spaces
Final Thoughts

This is a really neat, unique tunnel, and may be especially useful if you if you have a few kitties in the home, or if you like a solid, multi-functional tunnel. If you don't have a ton of room to work with, however, this tunnel could be a bit too large.

Cat Tunnel Hideaway and Sisal Scratch Pad


All right... I'm going to be fair about this. When my cats aren't barreling through their tunnel, you can usually find them napping in it, sans cushy kitty bed. But! If there was a cozy bed already attached to it? Well... that would just be cake. This particular cat play tunnel actually does have a bed attached, not to mention incredibly soft, cozy material inside and out. In addition to the lovely material, it is also boasts sisal scratchers and poofy hanging ball toys. The tunnel is about 30" in length, and has a roomy 20"x20" entrance.

  • Can be used for playing, resting, or scratching
  • Made of soft, but durable materials
  • Limited colors, meaning it may not fit very well into every decor
  • Sisal pads are bulit in, so they will be tricky to replace once worn out
Final Thoughts

This tunnel is actually pretty dreamy if you think about it - a perfect combination of exciting toy and ultra comfortable bed! The only real downside is that, while the bed can be removed and cleaned, the tunnel itself might be kind of hard to keep from getting dirty. Unlike other options, the material for this piece it very soft. On the other hand, MUCH like other options, the body is quite rigid. The unfortunate result of this is that you'll need to do some hand washing should your furry little friend vomit into or on it.

Kitty City Pop Open Jungle Combo Tunnel


You know me, I love a good multi functional cat toy, and this tunnel fits that bill pretty snugly. One part tunnel, two parts play house, this thing is a very cool set. The entire thing includes a 36"x11"x11" tunnel, a 15"x15"x15" play cube, and a 15.25"x15.25"x24" play house. Each piece is made of a light but durable polyester, with mesh openings, and a soft fleece pad inside of the house. What makes this a particularly interesting option is that it can be expanded at any time simply by adding extra tunnels, houses or cubes.

  • Has a little bit of everything
  • Large enough for multiple cats to enjoy
  • May be a little trickier to collapse than other tunnels, due to the additional structures
  • While cute, the jungle pattern may be a little too cartoon-ish for some
Final Thoughts

This cat toy tunnel is fantastic for all of its added features. Adding a play house and cube to either end of this tunnel truly makes it a complete set. With a few hanging toys on one end and a small bed in the other, your cat may just never leave. On the downside, though, this tunnel can take up a little too much space in smaller areas, so just be sure you'll still have plenty of floor left over after you set this up!


I really cannot say enough about the joys of having a cat play tunnel in the house. Of all of the playthings my kitties have accumulated, there is nothing that they have played with as consistently. Plus there's the added bonus that it doubles as a nice, semi-private bedroom. And really, what more could one ask for?

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